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Freddies Felines - Cat Rescue Centre In Birmingham - Set up by Wellcat founder Pauline Beasley

Freddie's Felines is one of Birmingham's leading cat rescue centres and cat rehoming centres Set up and run by Pauline Beasley, Birmingham's original 'Cat Lady'. Call Freddie's Felines today on 0121 426 5594

Cat Rescue Birmingham
Looking to adopt a cat in Birmingham? Call Freddie's Felines - 0121 426 5594

Freddie's Feline's is one of Birmingham's leading cat rescue centres and cat rehoming centres finding new homes for cats across Birmingham.

Birmingham cat rescue

We Walk Woofs have been long time supporters of Freddie's Felines, Birmingham's friendliest cat rescue centre. In fact, one of our current cats "Max" was rehomed from there around ten years ago. As a volunteer run cat rehoming centre, Freddie's Felines relies on input and donations from the volunteers, the public and friends and, as Pauline does such a great job looking after the many cats that she deals with on a daily basis, we thought that we would include a page on our site to let local animal lovers know all about Freddie's Felines Cat Rescue In Birmingham and the fantastic work that Pauline and her team do.


The Story - How Freddie's Felines Became One Of The Leading Cat Rescue Centres In Birmingham

Freddie's Felines was founded in 2022 as a Birmingham cat rescue centre by Pauline Beasley with a mission of rescuing unwanted cats & kittens and then finding them loving new homes throughout the Birmingham area. Freddie's Felines is now recognised as one of the leading small independent cat rescue centres in Birmingham and continues to operate as a leading cat rehoming centre for Birmingham. Pauline has dedicated her life to the rescue, welfare, and rehabilitation of cats and kittens across Birmingham, and thirty plus years later her passion for providing care, welfare, and new homes for animals is as strong as ever.


Pauline has a long association with cat rescue and cat rehoming in Birmingham and was the original founder of Wellcat Animal Rescue which she started from her home in 1987 and over thirty years later she is still dedicating herself to the care and rehoming of cats and animals throughout south Birmingham.

At the peak of the season, there can be anywhere up to thirty plus cats and kittens at Freddie's Felines awaiting new homes with hundreds of cats rehomed every year. Unfortunately not every cat rescue ends with a new home as some cats may be too ill, sometimes terminally, or too badly injured, stressed or neglected to be rehomed and
so these cats stay with Pauline for the rest of their natural lives.

                  Adopt a cat from Freddie's Felines today by calling 0121 426 5594

Running A Cat Rescue Centre In Birmingham Isn't Cheap! Birmingham Cat Rehoming Charities Financial Struggle


As you would probably expect, running one of Birmingham's leading cat rescue centres is very expensive and keeping Freddie's Felines going on a month by month basis is a huge financial struggle. Food costs, heating costs and lighting have all increased and, as a leading Birmingham cat rescue centre dealing with lots of cats at a time this can mean that Freddie's Feline's vet's bills can be £1'000's per month.

Each month is a struggle and keeping one of the leading Birmingham cat rescue centres open means that Pauline relies hugely on donations, fundraising, bequests, and volunteers from the supportive local community. It is only through their continued efforts that the Birmingham cat rehoming charity can continue to keep on running. Pauline and David at Freddie's felines would like to express their huge gratitude for any support and are deeply indebted to the small number of volunteers who regularly help to feed, clean, and care for the many cats and kittens at Freddie's felines on a daily basis.

If you would like to find out how you can help one of Birmingham's leading cat rescue centres you can find out HERE.

Freddie's Felines Cat Rescue Centre - The Current Situation At One Of Birmingham's Leading Independent Cat Rehoming Centres

This year Freddie's Felines has seen a range of cats and kittens in its care, some cats no longer wanted, some replaced with a young kitten whilst others are victims of broken homes, a house move, or the arrival of a child. All too often people take home an adorable and fluffy kitten without any thought to its future care, even ignoring the fact that it will soon grow into an adult cat that will probably live for many, many years. The usual end result of this process is that last year’s cute kitten becomes this year’s abandoned mother with kittens of her own and so the cycle continues.

And this isn’t just a female issue either. Unneutered toms (male cats), whether homeless or not, add to the growing issue of stray and feral cats in the UK by mating randomly with female cats whilst out and about.

Some cats, unfortunately, lose loving homes when their owner passes away or is moved into care. A much loved and faithful companion can then often be turned out to fend for themselves. As well as missing their owner, such a drastic change can be a particularly stressful and frightening time, especially since, for outdoor cats, this change can mean they can’t find a way back into their home.

All of these situations mean that there is a never-ending stream of cats and kittens arriving at Freddie's Feline's door each and every week. Obviously, in some situations, there is no other option but to try and rehome a cat that can no longer be cared for but the majority of cats arriving are the result of a lack of education about what owning and caring for a cat means in the medium to long term. Owning any animal is a commitment and should not be undertaken on a whim.


"Remember, a cat is for life not just for when it's fluffy, cute & adorable!

Adopt a cat from Freddie's Felines today by calling 0121 426 5594

Cats & Kittens Currently Looking For A New Home

Founders & Volunteers At Birmingham's Best Cat Rescue Centre
Cat Rescue Quinton Birmingham - Pauline From Wellcat

Call the premier cat rescue Birmingham today on 0121 426 5594

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