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Best Dog Car Seats Roundup Updated For 2024

Updated: Feb 26

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Are you currently in the market for a dog car seat in order provide your dog with a safer and more comfortable ride? A canine car seat to ensure that your canine companion can travel in style whether to your local dog fields or to the shops? We take a look at some of the coolest and safest dog car seats and dog car booster seats available for dog owners and look at the pros and cons of a range of high quality car dog seats.

Whether you are just popping to the park or are taking your dog on a holiday road trip with you, a good quality dog car seat can help your dog to feel more comfortable and relaxed on even the longest journeys. And, not only can dog car seats make your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed on journeys, they are also an important added safety feature when your dog is in the car with you helping you to comply with the regulations of the Highway Code.

We take a look at a range of stylish and safe dog car seats and dog booster seats that are designed to keep your dog safe, secure and positioned so that they have a great view whilst out and about with you on your travels. 

Dog seat and dog car booster seats 2023

Our Top Dog Car Seat Reviews For 2024

In This Post We Look At:


What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Dog Car Seat

What to look for when buying a dog car seat

Nothing can beat a run out to the countryside with your four legged friend but for some dogs car travel can make them agitated and anxious and this is especially true for lockdown dogs who regularly suffer from separation anxiety. The last thing that you need is a restless dog distracting you whilst driving and this is where a secure dog car seat can help.

Designed to not only keep your dog happy and content whilst travelling they also allow you to comply with the law by having your dog secured in a safe position when on the road.

Just like dogs, car dog seats come in a range of different styles, sizes and quality and with the vast array of dog car seats available today the choice can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

For larger dogs who can safely sit on a front or rear seat and peer out of the windows a dog car seat may offer a little more safety and comfort but for smaller breed the raised position of some of the dog car seats reviewed means that your dog is positioned higher and so gets a much better view whilst travelling which can help to alleviate anxiety and travel sickness.

The elevated and forward facing position means that your pup is well positioned to see you and exactly what is going on all around during the journey which can help sickness and the separation anxiety of not being able to see you. The more your dog feels comfortable the more likely they are to relax and sit quietly which means safer driving for you.

If you want to keep your newly purchased dog car seat (and your car for that matter!) clean then take a look at our Mud Daddy dog shower review and our Pawdaw dog drying bag review. We always shower Charlie our Wheaten Terrier after his walks using the Mud Daddy then pop him on his dog car seat in his dog drying bag so that he dries off on the journey home. Walked & clean dog, clean car and dog seat, happy owner!

Features To Look For When Purchasing A Dog Car Seat

🐾 Size

Choosing the right sized dog car seat is important for safety and the comfort of your dog. A lot of dog car seats are designed to accommodate smaller breeds and so trying to squeeze a large dog into a small seat is cruel and impractical. Most dog car seat manufactures state a maximum weight that their seat is designed to accommodate.

For larger breeds where a dog car seat is impractical a dog car crate or a rear seat hammock would be safer and more comfortable for them.

🐾 Secure Fixing System

It is vitally important that the dog car seat attaches securely to your main car seats and that your dog attaches securely to the dog seat! Most dog car seats attach to the headrest and\or the seat itself with straps and two or three secure fixing points. You then attach your dog to the seat with a harness tether which may or may not be supplied. It is important that you attach your dog to the car seat using the tether connected to a car safe harness (usually purchased separately) and not onto their collar as your pet could be seriously injured in the event of a crash. Some car dog seats use the more advanced ISOFIX dog car seat fixing system which may provide a more secure and error free way of securing the dog car seat.

It is important to bear in mind that unless your car has the option to disable passenger side airbags it is safer to pop the dog car seat on a rear seat as in the event of a collision the expanding front airbag could injure your dog.

🐾 Comfort

Following on from the car seat size above, the seat should also be well padded and comfortable for your dog to sit in throughout the duration of a journey. Quality upholstering and extra padding will not only be more comfortable for your dog but it will also provide added protection should an accident occur. If the car seat has a removable lining or padding then this will help with keeping your dog's seat clean.

Some Of The Best Dog Car Seats Reviewed And Tested

Henry Wag Dog Booster Car Seat

Henry Wagg dog car booster seat

Some of our furry friends find travelling in cars a very stressful experience which not only raises anxiety levels for both dog and owner but can also cause safety concerns if your dog becomes too agitated whilst travelling. Having your sitting close to you where it can see both you and the road ahead makes car travel a much calmer and more enjoyable experience for both of you.

The Henry Wag Dog Car Booster Seat is a raised seat that is suspended from the front seat headrest and secured around the seat itself giving your dog an elevated vantage point to see you and also what is going on around them. Designed for smaller breeds up to around 8kg, the booster car booster seat has been designed with a thick padded base for comfort and is supplied with a snug removable fleece liner for winter journeys and a ventilated mesh panel for summer travel meaning that your pup will travel in comfort whatever the season.

Henry Wagg dog booster seat

The car dog seat features a tether clip to secure to your dog’s harness to the car seat to ensure safety and also has an extended back panel which covers and protects the seat behind your dog should they stand up and put their paws and claws on the seat. There is also a storage pocket which is perfect for storing snacks and leads and the seat is fully collapsible when not in use.

We liked the elevated position of this seat and the secure fixings which provided a raised and solid travel position for our dogs.


The Henry Wag Dog Booster Car Seat is a well priced and well manufactured elevated car seat that sits well on your car seat and provides your dog with a good view of both you and what is going on around them. The only downside is that this is only suitable for smaller breeds up to around 8kg. Price around £44.99.


✅ Elevated position gives dog a great view

✅ Removable & washable fleece

✅ Suitable for smaller dogs to 8kg

✅ Storage pocket included

✅ Secure fixing straps

✅ Great for anxious travellers

✅ Easy to keep clean

✅ Includes complimentary safety leash


❌ Smaller than some of the other dog car seats

❌ Unsuitable for large breeds


Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod And XL Pet Pod Dog Car Seats

Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod dog car seat

If you are looking for ultimate quality in your dog car seats then you not look any further than the Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod and the larger XL Pet Pod car dog seats which are the ultimate in luxury when it comes to car seats for your doggy friends. Great for both relaxing at home and taking stylish and comfortable trips in the car, the Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod could be the ultimate dog car seat for your four legged friends.

Luther Bennett make a range of dog accessories including their high quality dog car seats. The car seats come in a range of sizes that cater for sizes from pugs all the way up to much larger and heavier breads and allow your dog to travel in ultimate safety and style. The original Travel Dog pod is suitable for smaller dog breeds like Frenchies or terriers to16kg and their XL Pet Pod is suitable for larger dogs up to 50kg or a couple of smaller friends.

Luther Bennett dog car seat

The Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pods are made of high quality nano-nylon fabric which is super durable, easy to clean and looks absolutely fantastic. The dog car seats are thickly padded on both the bottom and the sides which provides your dog with a deep and secure sitting area and a relaxing travel experience that is also super safe. The front and rear walls of the seat are taller with sturdy carry handles attached and the extra height of the padded walls can help anxious dogs feel more settled and gives your dog a place to snuggle, sit up, or relax whilst travelling ensuring that your dog can feel more comfortable, confident, enclosed, and stress-free when they’re in the car.

The multi function design of these all in one dog travel seats allows one end of the Dog Travel Pod to be unzipped and laid out flat so when in use at home and when you arrive at your destination the Travel Pod can easily be used as a standard dog bed to keep your companions comfortable on their travels.

The Travel Dog Pods are secured using a high quality four point strap fixing system and come with two complimentary adjustable seat belt tethers to ensure that your dogs are safe whilst in the seats.

Luther Bennett Bond dog car seat

Measuring 90 cm (l) x 50 cm (w) x 45 cm(h) for the XL Pet Pod (the standard Travel Dog Pod is obviously smaller!) and currently available in midnight blue and coffee colours with a special edition colourway in The Bond, which is grey striped and super stylish, the Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pods are truly some of the most stylish and highest quality dog car seats currently available to dog owners and not only keep your dog safe they also look fantastic when fitted in your car or used as a dog bed in your house. Read our full Luther Bennett dog car seat review here.


The Luther Bennett Travel Dog Pod dog car seat is one seriously stylish and high quality piece of kit and will have your dogs sitting comfortably and safely like kings and queens on one of the best dog car seats on the market. Prices range from £160 to £310 depending on size.


✅ Stylish & super high quality materials

✅ Available in two sizes

✅ Doubles as a dog bed when out of car

✅ Well padded all round

✅ Sturdy carry handles

✅ Great for anxious travellers

✅ Easy to wipe clean

✅ Secure in car fixing system

✅ Includes complimentary safety leash

✅ 28 day returns policy


❌ One of the more expensive dog car seat options

❌ Larger than some other dog car seats

❌ Might not be suitable for very large breeds


Petsafe Happy Ride Booster Dog Safety Seat

Petsafe Happy Ride Booster Seat

If you are looking for an elevated dog car seat at an excellent price then look no further than the Happy Ride Booster by PetSafe. This seat comes in two styles, standard and quilted, and comes highly recommend for your furry friend's car journey and during testing, the PetSafe Happy Ride Booster has exceeded people expectations with its remarkable safety features for the price.

The Petsafe Happy Ride Booster arrives flat-packed, requiring a simple assembly process that takes no more than 10 minutes. Once assembled, attaching it to your car seat is a breeze. It offers no fewer than three attachment points for added security: headrest straps, lower car seat straps, and seat belt loops. These features ensure a safe and comfortable ride with enhanced stability, especially around corners.

Adjusting the height is easy thanks to the fully adjustable headrest straps. You can adjust the seat height to match the height of your car's windows, providing your dog with a fantastic view of the outside world and you. Additionally, the booster comes with a dog seat belt tether for safety, so you will only need to obtain a harness for your dog to get started.

Petsafe Happy Ride Dog Car Seat

A stain-resistant outer covering and removable, machine-washable liner make cleaning the seat coverings a breeze, even if your dog gets a little bit muddy. The padded fleece liner that comes with the booster is a bonus although the padding isn't the thickest and some owners may find it slightly lacking in padding and so adding toys or a dog blanket can enhance your pet's comfort.

The PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Car Seat is a great choice for small dogs and puppies especially at the price point. With its elevated design, secure attachment points, adjustable height, and safety features, it provides a comfortable and safe travel experience for your furry companion.


The Petsafe Happy Ride Booster is a great value all round dog car seat and will provide smaller dogs with a safe ride whilst in the car. Although slightly lacking in padding, this can be boosted with the addition of a blanket or toys and the adjustable height that provides a great viewing position for your dog makes up for this. Prices range from £35.99 to £53.99 depending on style.


✅ Great value

✅ Available in two styles

✅ Three fixing point for extra safety

✅ Adjustable seat height

✅ Provides your dog with a great all round view

✅ Removable and washable covers

✅ Comes with included harness tethers


❌ Requires assembly before use

❌ Not as padded as some other seats

❌ Not be suitable for very large breeds


Where's Winnie Luxury Dog Car Seat

Where's Winnie dog car seat

The Where's Winnie range of dog car seats are named after the founder's long-haired Miniature Dachshund who, believe it or not is called Winnie! After their son was born they realised that the days of Winnie having free rein over the back seat whilst on car journeys were just a memory and so began the search for a suitable dog car seat. Realising that there weren't many that ticked all of the boxes for them it was at that point that the idea for Where's Winnie's range of stylish and safe dog car seats was born.

Dog car seats from Where's Winnie

The Where's Winnie range of standard size and large luxury dog car seats are all designed in London and are then hand made in the UK using high quality materials with a quality designed to exceed all expectations when shopping for a dog car seat. Handmade from luxuriously soft corduroy, the Where's Winnie dog car seats are super comfortable for your dog and are easy to keep clean thanks to their fabric that makes it super easy to remove dog hair, is durable and has fully machine washable covers.

The car dog seats provide some serious comfort for your dog with plump cushions that ensure your dog has a comfortable journey on every trip, beautifully soft corduroy fabric and a raised position that makes your dog's car journeys more enjoyable as they are in a position to see out of the window. This not only makes them feel more secure but can also be of benefit for dogs that can suffer from travel sickness.

When not in use in the car the Where's Winnie car seat can double up as a super comfortable dog bed, so whether you're heading to a friends house, a holiday cottage or just down to your local pub, you always have a super comfortable bed to take with you for your dog to chill on.

Where's Winnie dog car seat review

The standard sized Where's Winnie luxury dog car seat is designed for small to medium sized breeds and simply clips into the Isofix points in your car, with your dog being clipped into the dog car seat using the supplied shock absorbing safety leash.

We love the high quality materials, the super comfortable cushioning and the great range of colours available in the Where's Winnie car dog seat range and the Isofix attachments and the supplied shock absorbing safety leash means that not only are they stylish but also safe and comfy too.

  • Isofix clips to keep the Where's Winnie car seat secure

  • Shock absorbing safety leash included with all seats

  • Metal clips used throughout for extra strength and safety

  • Anti-slip base to prevent movement

  • High quality materials that are designed to last, so no need to replace it next year

  • Removable and washable covers

  • Protect your car seats from muddy paws and dog hair

  • Designed and made sustainably in the UK

  • Additional safety leashes available for multiple dogs

  • Cushions that are made from recycled plastic bottles


The Where's Winnie range of car seats offer a stylish and safe way for your dog to travel with you. Designed and manufactured in the UK and made from high quality materials, the dog car seats also come with Isofix attachments and an included safety leash. Prices range from £165.00 to £215.00 depending on style and colour way. Visit for more information.


✅ High quality dog car seats

✅ Available in a range of sizes and colours

✅ Designed and hand made in the UK

✅ Comes with an Isofix fitting option

✅ Super cushioned and comfortable

✅ Removable and washable covers

✅ Eco friendly & recycled materials

✅ Safety leash/harness included


❌ One of the more expensive dog car seats

❌ Corduroy fabric may not be for everyone


KONG Travel Secure Dog Car Booster Seat

Kong Travel Dog Car Booster Seat

The Kong brand is usually known for their wide range of semi indestructible dog toys and chews but they have recently released their car seats for dogs range which are made to the same high quality and same high standards that their toys are famous for.

Designed and tested to be a super safe way for your dog to travel, the Kong dog car booster seat can either sit flat on the seat of your car or alternatively it can be raised using the headrest and seat straps so that your dog has an elevated viewpoint whilst travelling alongside you.

Kong dog car seat

The Kong dog car seat features high quality straps and fixtures which ensure that the seat is secure whilst in place and it comes with a range of useful storage pockets around the outside of the seat which are ideal for storing, leads, toys and water bottles etc.

The Kong car seat for dogs comes in a stylish grey, black and red colour scheme with a waterproof and wipeable outer and a snug and machine washable inner cushion. The seat also comes with an included tether to clip your dog onto the seat whilst travelling.

This is a great looking and secure dog car seat that is ideal for dogs up to 12kg that like to see exactly where they are going when in the car.


The Kong Secure Dog Car Booster Seat is a good quality and well manufactured dog car seat that can be installed in a variety of positions depending on your dog. We particularly liked the headrest straps that allow the height of the seat to be adjusted so that your dog is guaranteed a great view during car journeys and the straps and fixings felt high quality and secure. Priced around £65.00.


✅ Great quality dog car seat

✅ Funky colour scheme

✅ Height adjustable depending on preference

✅ A useful selection of pockets

✅ Provides your dog with a great all round view

✅ Removable and washable covers

✅ Comes with included harness tethers


❌ Only suitable for dogs up to 12kg

❌ Not as padded as some other seats

❌ Not be suitable for very large breeds


Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo are a well known brand in the dog travel and outdoor gear field and offer a wide range of super high quality leads, harnesses an dog travel items.

The Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat really lives up to its name as it allows you to position the dog car seat quite high when fitted to the front or rear seats meaning that for smaller dogs they are almost guaranteed a birds eye view of the journey as they travel in style with a great view through the windscreen and side windows.

The Kurgo dog car seat for dogs, just like similar seats effectively hangs from the headrest using secure straps and is secured into position using straps that wrap around the seat. It can be fitted to either the front or rear seats depending on preference but when fitted in the rear,the standard straps will only fit around the smaller section of a split rear seat although longer extender straps can be purchased.

The Kurgo Skybox is suitable for dogs up to 14kg and feels like a quality made item. It comes ready assembled, collapses for easy storage and boasts a range of safety features like internal metal supports that provide stability and rigidity when fitted and an included and integrated tether that can be attached to your dogs harness for safety. There are a range of storage pockets, the inner liner is removable and washable and the exterior is waterproof and can be wiped clean.

We liked the positioning possibilities and the height of this seat when fitted as it allows smaller breeds to have a fantastic view whilst out and about.


The Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat is another good quality and well manufactured dog car seat that can be installed in a variety of positions on both front and rear seats depending on your dog. We particularly liked the heights at which this seat could be installed ensuring that your dog is guaranteed a great view when out and about and the included harness tether is a great inclusion. Priced around £65.00.


✅ Great quality dog car seat

✅ Usual Kurgo quality

✅ Height adjustable depending on preference

✅ Included storage pockets

✅ Collapses for easy storage

✅ Removable and washable covers

✅ Comes with included harness tethers


❌ Not as padded as some other seats

❌ Not be suitable for very large breeds


Amazon Basics Dog Bucket Car Seat

Amazon Dog Bucket Car Seat

The Amazon Basics dog bucket seat is a basic and good value bucket seat for dogs that is great for smaller breeds up to around 12kg but larger breeds may struggle with its size.

This is a standard dog car seat that is fitted onto either the front or rear seats using the seat belt to secure it in place and doesn't offer and form of height adjustment so although the seat and padding means that your dog will be slightly elevated, they are almost at seat level which means that smaller dogs may not be positioned to see out of the windows.

The seat itself is fairly well padded but is quite rigid meaning that although secure once fitted, it may not be the most comfortable of seats for your dog. There is a cut out section on the front of the seat making stepping into and out of the seat easier for your dog. The inside is quilted with a creamy white plush fabric with the outside being upholstered in hard wearing Oxford style fabric which can be wiped clean. The inner cover has zips and is machine washable which helps in keeping the seat clean.

Included is an included adjustable harness leash to attach your dog when they are in the seat to keep them tethered and secured.


The Amazon Basics Dog Car Booster Seat is a no frills budget style dog car seat that does what it is supposed to without breaking the bank. The seat is functional and fairly comfortable but the lack of height adjustment means that smaller dogs won't have the best of views. Priced around £52.00.


✅ Budget priced car seat

✅ Fast delivery from Amazon

✅ Removable and washable covers

✅ Comes with included harness tethers


❌ Basic quality dog car seat

❌ Not as padded as some other seats

❌ No height adjustment


The Highway Code Rules For Dogs In Cars

The Highway Code has rules in place governing dogs in cars to ensure the safety of dogs, owners and other road users. The specific section of the Highway Code that relates to dogs in cars whether driving to your local shops or your local dog fields is as follows:

57 - When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.




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