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Are you looking for a Harborne SEO company to help your Birmingham business to grow?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Harborne SEO company

We are a Birmingham based pet care business and SEO agency that as well as walking dogs and looking after cats offers a range of Birmingham SEO services and digital marketing ideas to help small local UK based business clients start, grow and expand their websites, online presence and visibility in order to attract new business. Although not an SEO agency in the traditional sense of the word, we have honed our SEO services and digital marketing services over the last twenty years and now like to help new local businesses establish themselves in the digital market place by utilising a solid SEO strategy, local SEO tricks and on page optimisation to help their sites rank highly on search engines.

Who are We Walk Woofs, are they a Birmingham SEO agency and how can they help my small business?

Search engine optimisation Birmingham

There is no escaping the fact that businesses these days need a solid and professional website and online presence in order to be found on search engines, and so web design, search engine optimisation and choosing the right keywords to put your website and business in front of as many potential customers as possible has never been more important.

Finding a good SEO company in Birmingham that has a proven track record and who offers users fantastic SEO services honest local SEO advice on how best to attract more leads and clients from the Birmingham area is an important aspect of growing your business and brand.

A well designed and fully optimised website, in depth keyword research, high quality content and an ongoing SEO strategy can enable even the smallest of startups to rank higher in Google searches thus showcasing their services to their target market and potential new clients so, if you are looking for a rounded Birmingham SEO agency and team that has a range of supporting business skills and experience please feel free to get in touch.

Our award winning results speak for themselves and, unlike other SEO companies and SEO agencies we not only understand the technical aspects required to help increase your website traffic and increase your sales, we also have extensive sales and all round business expertise to complement our award winning marketing services.

So how can a Birmingham pet care business and SEO agency help me with SEO and help my website to rank on search engines?

SEO services Harborne

How do we know that we can help? We have always dabbled in web design and SEO and back in 2018 we started our latest company from scratch and had to find customers fast! Because of the speed of our start up we were unable to find SEO professionals that could help out in the timescales that we needed and so, without an SEO agency offering quality SEO services, we went ahead and designed our new website, refreshed our SEO, on page optimisation and digital marketing skills and jumped into social media marketing feet first.

Within a few months we had a thriving business that was ranking well, getting lots of interactions on social media and more importantly was attracting lots of new organic traffic and paying customers and all with. To ensure the long term success of the business, we have kept our eyes on our business goals, constantly monitored our target audience and kept producing new content and evolving our internet marketing strategy to ensure that we constantly appear in the top three search results for our chosen keywords and areas of focus.

Birmingham SEO services

Since 2018 we have further refined our SEO and digital marketing skills and have helped lots of business to start, grow and prosper by providing them with ideas, SEO services, search engine optimisation, link building and guidance on how to provide the most valuable content for their website and customers.

Prior to dog walking and our recent digital marketing and Harborne SEO company adventures we have been involved in property and a little bit of website design for over twenty five years and during that time have started and grown a range of property related businesses using traditional marketing methods and pre social media and pre google SEO systems so have extensive business experience and a large range of skills.

Who have we helped? (and are we really SEO Birmingham experts!)

SEO agency Harborne

Since starting our latest online venture and learning exactly what works and what doesn't when starting a small business in 2023, we have helped a wide range of businesses across the UK to start, grow and establish themselves as viable and profitable businesses using our SEO services which has allowed their founders to live the lifestyle of their choosing.

From other pet care service providers to tutors and artists we have helped companies achieve their business goals by offering smart SEO services and local SEO advice, search engine listing guidance and a range of other services based around e commerce SEO to help their websites rank in local area searches enabling them to attract more leads.

Do I need an SEO company if I am just starting out?

Birmingham SEO agency

We fully understand that the thought of starting your own business can be a daunting prospect especially in these days with so much business being conducted online but in truth it has never been easier to start, grow and expand a business as it is today. Ensuring that your fully optimised business website appears in Google search results and can be found by potential customers is key to the success of your business finding an SEO agency that you can work with is important for the success of your company. If your competitors are at the top of Google search results in the Birmingham area for important keywords then you need to at least match their rankings or else you will be losing a lot of business to them. With our SEO agency experience in advising on creating great performing websites, our search engine marketing expertise and our desire to help our small business clients businesses boom you can be sure that our team will work closely with you to focus on creating a fantastic e commerce and SEO optimised website plan that will help you to be seen on Google and other search engines.

The leading family run Harborne SEO company

So, if you are looking for a friendly, experienced, professional and approachable SEO company to help with your marketing, web design, business services and local SEO to get your business ranking on Google then call your local SEO agency to find out how we can help out.

SEO Birmingham experts



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