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Where do we walk our dogs in birmingham

The Woofs Affiliate Disclosure

We Walk Woofs is run by animal lovers and aims to provide outstanding pet care and pet product reviews and recommendations for our customers and readers.

We are constantly being asked for recommendations from our customers for everything from leads, to flea treatments to dog car seats and beds and because of this we are always on the lookout for the very best and coolest dog and cat products that we feel would be of benefit. If a customer buys something useful or cool, they tell us about it and we take a look at it. We also spend way, way too many hours online looking at pet products, reading press releases, reviews and pet forums to find out what's hot and what's not. 

Most of the reviews that we offer are of products that we have seen, thought were great and have then started using ourselves to find out how they perform. We field test and photograph them to find their pros and cons then write our reviews. Alongside the hands on product reviews we also then offer related or competing products that we think are good quality and readily available in order to give our readers a balanced article. 

We Walk Woofs work alongside a range of pet product manufacturers and suppliers some of whom provide affiliate partnerships and so because of this, we may receive an affiliate commission for anything purchased via certain links on our website. This in no way affects the purchase transaction of you the end user but if you would rather not help with the site running costs then please feel free to read our reviews then hop over to the companies own website and purchase directly rather than via links on our site.


The products that we choose and the reviews that we write are in no way affected by our affiliate partnerships, we simply find the highest quality products that we can then write honest, field tested reviews about the ones that we have used and as a family run business we like to feature other small, upcoming and independent businesses whenever possible. Whenever possible we also like to provide information about comparable or competing products and a range of other articles which do not contain affiliate links in order to provide balance. 


If you our readers buy, read about or stumble upon a product that you feel is a gamechanger in the dog or cat world that we haven't written about then please, please let us know about it at

Have a fantastic animal filled day!

We Walk Woofs

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