Dog Dry Bag
Could This Be The

Best Dog Drying Bag

Of 2022?

We Review The Very Best Dog Drying Bag In 2022 

Does your dog love the great outdoors? Mud, water, puddles and dirt? If yes then you need to know about dog drying bags, possibly THE best dog accessory ever invented and a real game changer for dog owners.

Dog drying bags are super absorbent microfiber bags that you pop your dog into after their walk and no matter how wet or muddy your dog may be, once they have settled down and spent some time snuggling in their dog drying bag they will emerge, dry, clean and mud free! Wet dog in, clean dog out!

Now, there lots of different dog drying bags out there but because we walk so many dogs each week we were looking for the highest quality, best looking and most absorbant dog dry bag for ours and our customers dogs and came across these high quality doggy drying bags sold by Pawdaw Of London who sell a range of high quality and attractive dry bags, microfiber dog towels, microfiber dog blankets and other quality dog accessories.

We ordered a luxury large sized dog dry bag for our Wheaten Terrier Charlie, a luxury dog towel and a luxury microfiber dog blanket. The package arrived super quickly and the first thing that we noticed when we opening the order was how well everything was packaged and what superb quality the items were!

Our order from Pawdaw Of London. A luxury dog drying bag and a luxury microfiber dog towel and dog blanket. Look at how nicely it's packaged!

Now, from the very first second that we opened the box we could tell that this company prides itself on providing quality customer service. The items were so well wrapped and presented that it felt a little bit like Christmas day! 

Not only was everything perfectly packaged there was a little thank you card which we thought was a lovely touch.

Now, onto the dog drying bag itself. On lifting the thing you could immediately tell that it was made from very high quality material. It was heavy, super fluffy, and very, very well made. Compared to other dog drying bags that we have used this was super high quality and the microfiber towelling material was super thick and soft, the stitching and manufacturing were very good and the little things like the logos and the leash hole screamed that this was a quality product. Pawdaw Of London had delivered some very good quality dog accessories.

Pawdaw Dog Drying Bag

We couldn't wait to put the dog bag and microfiber dog towel to the test and so on the first rainy day that we had we took Charlie out for a huge walk and as expected he did what he does best and got absolutely soaked and covered in mud within minutes of being off lead! If this dog drying bag was going to work Charlie was the dog to test it to the max.

After an hours walk he was sufficiently dirty and so we returned home to try out the products. After a quick rub down with the dog towel we popped Charlie in his large dog drying bag and he settled down for his usual post walk snooze. It took him a few minutes to get used to the dry bag but he was soon snoring and dreaming of squirrels.

After around forty five Charles stirred and it was time to see whether the dog drying bag had worked its magic. We unzipped it and unbelievably out popped a totally clean and dry Charlie! Not only was Charles immaculate, the bag had trapped all of the mud and dirt and with a quick shake outside it was ready to be dried for its next use.

The dog drying bag from Pawdaw Of London worked its magic! Muddy Charlie in, clean Charlie out!

As we said before, for us the dog drying bag from Pawdaw Of London has been a game changer. Gone are the days of wet dogs messing up our cars or a muddy Charlie jumping on the sofa. Now, after a good walk and a chill in their doggy drying bag our dogs are happy, dry and clean and our house and cars are the same.

We highly, highly recommend these top quality drying bags and would urge any dog owner that hasn't experienced the magic of dog drying bags to get one today. It will change your life! 

The We Walk Woof Team