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We Take An In Depth Look At The Benefits Of Pure Shilajit UK For Dogs (And Their Human Owners!)

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We order and field test some pure Himalayan shilajit on both ourselves and our dog Charlie

Pure shilajit UK for dogs
Shilajit for your dog

Are you looking for totally natural ways to improve your dog's overall health? If so, then read on as pure Shilajit from the Himalayas could be just what you have been looking for.

Shilajit is a mineral-rich tar like substance harvested from high altitude rocks in the Himalayas and is renowned for its beneficial health benefits which include improved energy levels, enhanced immunity, and increased stamina. But what many people may not know is that this shilajit from the Himalayas can also be used to help to improve the health of your dog too.

With its plentiful supply of nutrients and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, feeding your pup shilajit may provide an array of benefits, like improved digestion, joint pain relief, boosted immunity, and a shinier coat.

In this post, we'll look into using shilajit from Pure Shilajit UK for your beloved animal companions, why it's good (and safe for dogs and cats!) and important information surrounding dosage and administration.

Read on to learn how adding this naturally occurring substance into your pets diet can have far-reaching impacts on their overall wellness with very few side effects.

So, what exactly is shilajit for dogs?

Shilajit is a thick and sticky, tar-like substance that is harvested from rocks in Asia's high mountain ranges, including the Himalayas and Altai mountains. It is produced over thousands of years as plants and other organic matter decompose under the shifting landscape and is found either layered within rocks or exuding from rocks at high altitudes. Pure shilajit is very high in a large range of minerals, humic and fulvic acids, and other organic substances that are believed to have a huge range of health benefits.

Shilajit is known by many populations throughout the world as ‘The destroyer of weakness’ and has been used by indigenous people for centuries in the traditional practice of Ayurvedic medicine as a natural cure for a large variety of health problems. Often used to treat ailments that include inflammation, arthritis, digestive disorders, heart health and exhaustion, in laboratory testing, Shilajit has been shown to have potent regenerative and anti ageing properties helping with hair growth and collagen production and has been utilised for millennia as a natural energy booster, libido enhancer and cognitive aid.

Shilajit is available as a supplement and is normally consumed orally on a daily basis along with food. Because of its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, shilajit is often used topically in skincare preparations to treat eczema and other skin complaints.

Pure shilajit UK from Himalaya
Shilajit for dogs is harvested throughout the Himalayas

History of shilajit and it's use for humans and pets

Shilajit is a substance that has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine practices throughout Asia, particularly in India. It is believed to have been discovered by Himalayan villagers who noticed large primates including monkeys and bears gathering around certain rocks and consuming the sticky, tar-like substance that seeped from them. The locals began experimenting with pure shilajit by including it in their diets and discovered that it helped with a variety of medical conditions, boosted energy and libido and could be used to treat a wide range of ailments in both humans and animals.

Over time, shilajit became a valuable commodity, with merchants travelling long distances to obtain it from the mountains and sell it in markets throughout Asia. Shilajit was also valued in the practice of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, where it was prized as a rasayana, a type of naturally occurring rejuvenating tonic that promotes overall health and well-being.

Pure shilajit UK for dogs
We test some of the best shilajit UK for dogs

Today, shilajits popularity continues to increase and it is used as a natural health supplement for both humans and pets, with many people prescribing it to promote overall health and well-being.

Although pure shilajit's traditional uses have been passed down through the generations, there is still a great deal we don't know about this naturally occurring substance and its potential health benefits for people and animals. Scientific study into the healing properties of this traditional medicine is still ongoing and shilajit from the Himalayas is showing some promising results in treating a range of ailments in both humans and dogs.

Composition of shilajit and its important nutrients for dogs

Pure shilajit is a resin like organic compound that is found in and harvested from high altitude rocks and is composed of a complex mixture of both organic and inorganic plant matter that has been formed over thousands of years by the gradual layering and decomposition of a variety of native plant and other matter laid down over millennia.

The exact composition of shilajit varies depending on the exact region where it is sourced and harvested from as well as the geological conditions and the plant species that are or were present in that area when it was formed.

Some of the main organic compounds found in shilajit include humic acid, fulvic acid, and various plant-derived substances such as resins, waxes, and complex terpenoids. These compounds have been shown to be contributing factors to the anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti aging and health promoting benefits of shilajit.

In addition to the complex range of naturally occurring organic compounds, shilajit also contains a beneficial range of important minerals and trace elements including magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc. These minerals are important for maintaining overall health and well-being of both humans and animals and may contribute to the energy enhancing and cognitive boosting properties of shilajit.

Overall, the composition of pure shilajit is highly complex and varies depending on the source and conditions of formation. Despite this variability, shilajit has a long history of use in traditional medicine and remains a popular natural health supplement today with ongoing research into the benefits for both humans and cats and dogs.

Pure shilajit UK is formed from organic matter
Shilajit for pets is the result of the breakdown of organic matter over millennia

Benefits of Fulvic acid, Humic acid, Hippuric acid, and Phyto complexes for dogs

Fulvic acid: This natural anti-inflammatory helps to reduce joint pain caused by arthritis and other ailments in dogs and other pets. It also helps boost immune system function and reduce inflammation.

Humic acid: This powerful acid helps to improve your dog's digestion and reduce indigestion, bloating, and constipation. It also helps your pup absorb the minerals found in shilajit and food more effectively.

Pure shilajit UK from Himalaya
Shilajit from the Himalayas

Hippuric acid: Hippuric acid is an antibacterial agent that can help protect against microbial infections. It also helps to reduce inflammation and strengthen your dog's immune system.

Phyto complexes: These natural and bioactive components found in shilajit are beneficial for improving cognitive function, boosting energy levels, and promoting better overall health. Also, phyto complexes can help protect against free radical damage and oxidative stress in your dogs.

These naturally occurring compounds found in pure shilajit work synergistically to improve your dog’s health and provide an array of additional benefits, including improved digestion, increased energy levels, enhanced immunity.

Main benefits of pure Himalayan shilajit for dogs including its anti inflammatory, anti arthritic, anti ageing, anti fatigue, anti-stress and cognitive boosting functions

Shilajit has a wide range of benefits for dogs. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce joint pain caused by arthritis and other ailments.

It also helps to boost cognitive function, increase energy levels and protect against oxidative stress. Additionally, shilajit can help improve nutrient absorption, support heart health, and aid in liver detoxification.

Its natural antimicrobial properties can help strengthen your pup's immune system and ward off infection.

Finally, pure shilajit has anti-ageing properties that can help your pup look and feel younger for longer. Also available liquid form, its natural adaptogenic properties can help your pup to better manage stress.

And with shilajit's abundance and quality of minerals, your pup can absorb all the essential helpful nutrients he needs for a healthier life span. Lastly, shilajit's pleasant taste will delight your pup's palate.

Pure shilajit UK is a potent health booster for dogs
Shilajit has a myriad of health benefits for dogs and cats

Pure shilajit dosage for dogs

The recommended dosage of shilajit for dogs or other pets is approximately 1 - 1.5mg per day per pound of body weight so a Chihuahua weighing approximately seven pounds would need around 7 - 10mg per day and an adult Alsatian weighing around seventy pounds would need between 70 - 100mg per day. It can be mixed in with your pets food or dissolved into warm milk.

Our dog Charlie weighs in at around thirty two pounds so we gave him around 30mg per day split into two doses morning and evening. It was easy to mix into his food, it was well tolerated and there were no adverse side effects.

Shilajit is also safe for puppies but dosage should be adjusted accordingly and it should be introduced gradually. Please consult your veterinarian before giving your pup shilajit if your dog has any underlying medical conditions, as some dogs may have an allergic reaction.

Calculating the correct dose of pure shilajit uk for your dog
It important to correctly calculate the right dosage of shilajit for your dogs size and weight

Side effects

Shilajit from the Himalayas is generally very safe for dogs, but as with any new supplement, there may be some mild but unwanted side effects. The most common side effects are upset stomach and diarrhea, which can occur when starting your dog on shilajit.

Stick with the recommended dosage of shilajit for your dog as outlined above, always start with small doses and introduce the supplement slowly. If there are any unwanted side effects, discontinue use immediately and consult with your vet.

Shilajit can potentially interact with certain pet medications that your dog may be taking, so always check with your vet to be sure it won’t interfere with any treatments your pup is currently undergoing.


In summary, pure shilajit for dogs can benefit your canine companion in a number of beneficial ways. It is generally safe to use and can be added easily to their daily meals and is a great addition to your dog walking bag.

Shilajit will provide many nutritional and health benefits for dogs and help them with overall energy and mobility when they are ageing or recovering from injury or illness.

Now that you know pure shilajit's power, why not try it out for your dog? With its powerful range of organic compounds and minerals, there is no doubt that it will benefit your dog greatly.

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