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A high quality dog towel

We Look At One
Of The Best Dog Towels Of 2023

Looking For A High Quality Dog Towel? We Review One Of The Best Dog Towels Of 2023

Most dogs love the great outdoors but unfortunately most dog owners don't like wet and muddy dogs especially in their cars or on their sofas. Although we love our pets, dirty dogs and clean cars are a definite no no and this is where a super high quality microfibre dog towel comes into its own.

Dog drying towels have been around for a while and are usually made of super absorbent microfiber material that you can take with you on muddy walks to keep your dog and your car clean, dry and free from muddy paws. A quick rub down with a dog towel after a long and wet walk and your dogs fur is clean and dry and your car and your sanity can be saved! A drying towel is easy to transport and can save the day after wet walks allowing you to dry your dog quickly.

Dog drying towels are different to standard towels as they are light weight, easy to transport, fast drying and tend not to hold water as much as standard bath or hand towels.

Although there is a large choice of dog towels out there we wanted to test the very best and most absorbent and hard wearing dog towels so that we could keep ours and our customers dogs clean and dry and so we ordered the luxury dog towel and luxury dog blanket from Pawdaw Of London to put them through their paces out in the (very wet and muddy) field.

As with all of the other products from Pawdaw the package arrived super quickly, super well packaged and as usual as soon as we opened the dog towel and dog blanket we could tell that they were quality products and would serve us and our dogs well for a long time.

Our order from Pawdaw Of London. A luxury dog towel and a super high quality dog blanket. Fantastic quality and fantastic performance.

Is this the best dog towel

Just like the dog drying bag that we had ordered and tested previously from Pawdaw everything was packaged perfectly and was packaged with care.

The first thing that we noticed about the microfiber dog towel and dog blanket were the size. Other dog towels that we have used have been more like regular towels but both the dog towel and dog blanket from Pawdaw were both bath towel sized and measured in at approximately 140cm x 100cm which was extra large and so big enough for even large and wet dogs.

Both the dog towel and dog blanket were high quality and a good size with the blanket just pipping the dog towel to the post in terms of thickness but we were confident that both product could handle what we were about to throw at them.

We were testing the microfibre pet towel after one of the wettest and wildest weeks that Birmingham weather could throw at us so we were confident that there would be water, mud, more water and a little bit more mud to put the Pawdaw dog towel through its paces so off we went to get Charlie dirty. It didn't take him long to find the muddiest puddles and the wettest grass and so the test was on.

We walked Charlie around our local woods for around an hour to ensure that he was wet enough and muddy enough to fully test the dog towel and so then headed back to the car to head home. Charlie had absorbed his body weight in water and so we gave him a thorough towelling down whilst still in the wilderness and the dog towel absorbed most if not all of the water and mud that Charles had clinging to him leaving our dogs fur clean and dry and with a quick shake the towel was mud free.

We had planned ahead and had laid the dog blanket out on the back seat of the mutt mobile to test its mud absorbing and water retaining qualities whilst trying to keep or seats clean and so once back at the car Charlie hopped onto the blanket, was wrapped in the dog towel and off we went.

The dog towel from Pawdaw Of London coped with a muddy Charlie well! A quick rub and clean Charlie!

We can happily report that both the dog towel and the dog blanket from Pawdaw performed perfectly allowing Charlie to dry quickly and he returned home warm and dry and our car seats were spick and span thanks to the dog towel and dog blanket. Most importantly we managed to avoid the wet dog smell on the way home!


Once home we gave both a quick shake, popped them in the washing machine and once washed they were clean, fresh and ready for many, many more wet and muddy walks. As the towel is machine washable and fast drying cleaning it was an easy task. The dog towel & dog drying bag are fantastic when combined with the Mud Daddy dog shower and you can read our Mud Daddy review here.


And the dog towel is not only for use outdoors. When it is bath time for Charlie at home once washed this fantastic dog drying towel makes short work of a wet dog and transforms Charlie from a dripping sponge to a house safe doggy in just a couple of rubs.

As professional dog walkers we need equipment that is high quality and up to the job and so we are happy to report that the Pawdaw dog towel and dog blanket are up there with the best, will dry even the wettest of dogs and feel like they will last a very long time. Highly recommended.

The We Walk Woof Test Team

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