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Salcombe Dog walker

Salcombe Dog Walker

07930 408075

Are you looking for a dog walker in Salcombe?

The Salcombe Dog Walkers are trustworthy & experienced dog walker and offer on and off lead solo and group dog walks around the Salcombe, Malborough, Thurlestone & Kingsbridge areas during the week and weekends. We have been walking dogs professionally since  2017 and offer a full range of dog walking and cat sitting services across the Salcombe, Malborough, Thurlestone & Kingsbridge areas.


Salcombe and Kingsbridge have some stunning dog walks and we regularly take advantage of the coastal paths, open spaces, and countryside that surround Salcombe & Kingsbridge. 

From seaside dog walking on Bolt Head, group dog walks on the South West Coastal Path, on-road walking around Hope Cove and Thurlestone to hour-long off lead adventures around South Milton, we always ensure that when we are walking your dogs in Salcombe or Kingsbridge they are having a fantastic time!




Areas that we cover close to Salcombe & Kingsbridge


Although we mainly offer dog walking in Salcombe & Kingsbridge we also offer dog walking services in surrounding areas and so can help you with dog walks. The other local areas around Salcombe that we currently cover are:

If you think that your dog would enjoy fun walks around Salcombe & Kingsbridge with one of the area's premier dog walkers then please feel free to give us a call for a chat on 07930 408075

The friendliest dog walker in Salcombe & Kingsbridge!

Salcombe And Kingsbridge Dog Walker

Salcombe's Premier Dog Walker

07930 408075
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