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Dog Walkers Bag

Our Review Of
The Coolest
Dog Walking Bag For 2023

We Review One Of The Best Dog Walking Bags
For 2023 

Dog Walking Bag

Every dog owner knows that taking their beloved pet on a dog walk can sometimes feel like a military operation with so many items to remember to bring and more importantly carry! Leads, collars, poo bags, treats, water during the summer months, towels, mobile phone, house keys, walking your furry friend can sometimes feel like a logistical nightmare and this is where the super high-quality water resistant dog walking bag from Barking Bags comes into their own!

Barking Bags manufacture a range of stylish and high-quality products for pet owners that have been designed especially for the needs of walkers out and about with their animals. Born out of necessity in 2015, the owners of Barking Bags were new dog owners who enjoyed getting out and about in the countryside with their new addition but found that they hated the hassle of having to carry around all of the leads, treats and especially the poop whilst out on walks and were fed up of coming home with pockets full of treat crumbs!.

This inspired a desire for a specialised bag that was designed especially for the dog owner and where they could have everything in one place. Despite the UK being a nation of dog lovers they soon found by scouring shops and the internet that there weren't any great walking products designed with dog owners in mind so they set out to design their own!

Now thanks to Barking Bags and their original dog walk bag, owners can carry everything that they need in one functional and stylish pack whilst out on their dog walks with everything in one place. Treat pouch, discreet poop bag dispenser, key holders? If you need it then these bags probably have it!

Barking Bags review

For testing, we ordered a camo colour scheme bag from Barking Bags Original Bag range which retail at £44.99. The order arrived promptly and on opening the package we were greeted with a good looking and high quality product and a nice selection of freebies including compostable poop bags and a range of treats.

The bag itself is made from high quality, water resistant fabric, is very well made with quality materials, and the camo colour scheme looked absolutely fantastic. There are so many pockets, pouches, clips, and straps that it took a while to go through all of the storage options! The guys at Barking Bags had obviously put a lot of time and thought into the design of their walking bag. 

Our green camo dog walk bag from Barking Bags original bag collection. A stylish looking and very functional bag for pet owners that has an array of well thought out storage options.

The bag comprises of main area with an internal zipped pocket, two easy access breathable side pouches with one having a pull drawstring closure which are ideal as a treat pouch, two mini carabiner clips, the discreet poop bag dispenser, a zipped pocket in the top flap on the front and rear pockets for treats and mobile phones and belt clips at the rear. There is ample space for all manner of dog walking accessories including leads, collars, balls, poo bags, water bottles, towels, and anything else that might be important on walks. The rear clips mean that by removing the strap it can be converted from a shoulder bag to a dog walking bum bag that attaches to your belt when out on dog walks. 

There were a couple of design features that we found particularly useful whilst out and about with the dogs. The first was the handy built-in poo bag dispenser. Gone are the days of fumbling around in your pocket for a poo bag or trying to pull one from a clunky dispenser attached to the lead. With this dog walking bag, it's just a matter of pull, tear and you are good to go. Because of the way that the dispenser is designed, there is always a bag available so no more searching for the end of the roll. The second feature that we liked was the dual carabiner clips on the front. These are super handy and we found ourselves using these to carry used poop bags and our mini hand sanitisers. 

Treat pouch

Dog walker bags

Pocket for water bottle
or balls & toys

Drawstring mesh
pocket for wet items or doggy towels

Clips for hand sanitiser or used poo bags

Discreet poop bag dispenser

Fully adjustable shoulder strap for use as a cross body bag 

Main bag with plenty
of storage

Built in rear belt clips
that allows it to convert to a bum bag

The two breathable mesh side pockets are incredibly handy and provide easy access storage for all manner of dog walking accessories including water bottles, towels, balls, and anything else that a dog owner may need to carry. We used the drawstring pocket to carry our Pawdaw Of London microfiber dog towel with us so that we could be ready to give the dogs a rub down before we popped them back in the car and it worked very well.

The fact that the mesh pockets are breathable means that they are perfect for carrying wet items like balls or other toys.

The zippable pockets provide secure storage with the internal one being ideal for your mobile phone and keys and the flap-top pocket being ideally positioned for treats and food.

The other really cool feature that we really liked was the rear belt clips which allow the bag to be used without the straps whilst clipped onto your belt when out on your dog walk. This is a fantastic feature and one that we found ourselves using a lot.

The range of bags for pet owners from Barking bags are well designed and well thought out

We have been using the bag from Barking Bags for a couple of weeks now and it is standing up to the daily rigours of daily walking extremely well. Having everything in one place makes walks much less stressful and being able to grab it knowing that all of the essentials are in it makes the logistics of going for a walk much easier and being fully water resistant weather is never an issue.​

Barking Bags have obviously thought long and hard about what the ideal dog walking bag should be and have produced an incredibly practical, multifunctional, and stylish product that ticks all of the right boxes. With a good range of colour schemes, materials, and sizes they have ensured that there will be a product to suit every owner's needs.

The We Walk Woof Team

The We Walk Woof Team

*Please be aware that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons and on review we genuinely feel that this is one of the best dog walking bags on the market in 2023. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you to make the best choice for you and your dog.

"I was given the dog walker bag from Barking Bags to test whilst out doing group walks and it performed brilliantly. Even whilst walking a large group of dogs the dog walking bag had pockets for treats and ample space for everything that I needed whilst out and about"

Eve - Dog walker with We Walk Woofs

"Carrying all of my dog walking equipment has always been an issue, especially when out with large groups but the Barking Bags range of bags for dog owners have so much storage that that is easy access that I could carry everything that I needed in one place"

Jake - Dog walker @ We Walk Woofs

"Dog walking is a job where there are always a lot of things to carry and transport. Leads, collars, balls, bags, treats, food, water, the list goes on! This dog walkers bag meant that I could take everything that I need for my walk and it even stayed dry when it rained! The fact that it can be used as a dog walking bum bag was an added bonus."

Jane - Head dog walker @ We Walk Woofs

"A really functional and high quality bag that I really enjoyed using. A place for everything and everything in its place! I'd never considered using a dog walking bag before but my pockets were thankful that I did! No more muddy balls or handfuls of treats in my coat pocket! "

Dave - Dog walker with We Walk Woofs

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