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Looking For A Dog Cooling Vest? We Review This Summer Essential From Pawdaw Of London

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

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Wet, wring, walk. These cooling vests from Pawdaw Of London couldn't be easier to use and are just the thing to keep your dog cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Using body shading and evaporative cooling, these dog cooling vests are simple to use and can make the summer months bearable for your dogs. Read on to discover the benefits of these dog cooling vests from Pawdaw.

Dog cooling vest

​Table Of Contents - The Ultimate Dog Cooling Vest From Pawdaw

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Wondering exactly what a dog cooling vest is or thinking about buying one for the summer? Read on as we review the Pawdaw cooling vest and explain how it works and performs.

With the long, hot and dry weather of the balmy summer months (hopefully) fast approaching, now is the time that many dog owners are turning their attention to the best ways to keep their dogs cool during any heatwave that we are hopefully blessed with this summer! A dog cooling vest is the ideal solution. Simple, effective and long lasting, these vests can help to cool your dog down on even the hottest of days.

Most dog parents are only too aware of the dangers of their dog overheating and the need for their dog to be well watered and cool during a hot spell and dog cooling vests are a practical way to keep your dog cool and happy on any hot summer's day. For many dog owners, a cooling dog coat along with a large bowl of cool water have become essential items for dealing with the heat and cooling their dogs during the long hot summer.

The importance of keeping your dog cool

Cooling vests help dogs to stay cool in hot weather

Lets face it, even on the warmest of days dogs still enjoy getting out and about and walking and exercising with their friends. When the temperature gauge is on the rise and shade on the beach is in short supply, a cooling vest can be a great option to protect your pup from over heating on summer walks. A cool vest combined with wet fur will enable your dog to stay cooler and more comfortable when out on their summertime adventures.

We take a look at the practical, stylish and potentially heat stroke averting dog cooling vest from Pawdaw Of London. A fantastic cooling vest that is easy to use, effective and the ideal preventative measure to avoid your four legged friends overheating during the warmer months. Keeping your dog cool, dissipating your dog's heat and generally keeping fido comfortable and safe on warm days and during hot weather, we would even go as far as to say that these cool vest could actually prove to be life saving in some situations.

So, read on and find out how we got on with the Pawdaw cooling vest with our dog Charlie.

Firstly, what exactly are dog cooling vests & how do they keep your dog cool

How do dog cooling vests work

Dog cooling vests are dog jackets made from super absorbent water retaining fabric that use evaporation and more specifically evaporative cooling to reduce your dogs core body temperature on warm days thus being able to keep your dog cool, comfortable and more importantly, safe.

The cooling jacket is given a good soak in cold water and, once soaked, the cooling coat is lightly squeeze, the excess water is removed and the cooling vest is fitted onto your dog with the velcro collar and two velcro straps thus ensuring a perfect fit so that your dog's chest area and back are fully covered with the specially fitting chest panel and you are good to go for up to two hours.

The dog cooling vest uses evaporative cooling to draw heat away from your dogs body as it dries providing a cooling action for your dog and after an hour or so you have a dry jacket which can again be soaked in water so that it continues to provide its much needed cooling effect for your dog.

What is Evaporative Cooling And How Can It help My Dog?

Evaporative cooling is a natural process that involves reducing the temperature of a substance or surface by allowing liquid to evaporate and change into vapor. As water eveaporates off of your dogs body or in this case from the dog cooling vest it This cooling mechanism occurs when the heat energy from the surroundings is used to transform a liquid into a gas, which results in the absorption of heat from the environment.

In everyday terms, you can observe evaporative cooling when you feel cooler after stepping out of a pool or when your skin feels chilly after sweating. When water on your skin or clothes evaporates, it takes away heat energy from your body, causing a cooling sensation. Evaporative cooling is also used in various technologies and systems, such as evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) that use the principle of water evaporation to cool the air in a space, and cooling towers in industrial settings where water is used to cool equipment or processes.

Wet vest equal cool and happy dog

As your dog plays in the sun and the water in the dog cooling vest fabric evaporates, it has a cooling effect that lowers your dog's temperature on hot days ensuring that your dog remains cool and comfortable and is able to regulate their body temperature.

Whether on walks in the heat of the late afternoon sun or just getting exercise in the garden on a hot day, a dog cooling vest or cooling coat is the ideal dog cooling solution to avoid heat stress in your furry friend. The water evaporation effectively cools the air around your pup and so lowers the risk of your dogs overheating in the sunlight. If the sun is making your dog warm then a cooling dog jacket is just the answer.

Why Pawdaw Of London Dog Cooling Coat?

As some people that have been following us will know, we have a very big soft spot for Pawdaw Of London products. Not only are the jackets, dog cooling products and dog drying bags of super high quality, the service and delivery are second to none and you are almost guaranteed that the dog cooling coats will provide you with years of hot and wet weather dog cooling. When Pawdaw released their cooling vests we couldn't wait to get our hands our very own cooling vest for our Wheaten terrier Charlie.

The perfectly packaged dog cooling vest and storage bag from Pawdaw

As usual, the items arrived quickly, delivery was efficient, they were packaged with love and care, they looked absolutely fantastic and were the usual super high quality that we have come to expect from the team at Pawdaw.

Beatifully packaged, in its own presentation/drying bag and with a set of instructions for owners, the cooling vest screamed quality and attention and within minutes of the sun coming out the cooling coat was rinsed, soaked and was fitted on Charlie who was wearing it with pride!

Sizing the Pawdaw cooling jacket

The Pawdaw website offers a handy sizing guide to ensure that the cooling coat fits your pup securely as it is

important that the dog jacket fits properly to ensure that all of the important areas like back and chest are fully covered. It's a simple job to measure your pups collar, back length etc to ensure that you get the right size and shape for your breed.

Pawdaw do a range of sizes to cater for different dogs from border terrier size all the way up to golden retriever and so most breeds and dog's are covered and so keeping your dog cool in the hot weather should be easy task.

Fitting the cooling vest

High quality tailored dog cooling vest that fitted perfectly

Like most cooling products, the dog cooling coat from Pawdaw is a cinch to fit. Simply secure the coat around

your dogs neck area, secure the two straps around the dog belly area and the dog cooling coat is on. It couldn't get much simpler! The outer layer of the cool coats are made of high quality fabric with tidy stitching and the Pawdaw logo embroidered along the side. The velcro straps are sturdy and easily accessible and the whole item just oozes quality.

The all important Pawdaw dog cooling jacket field test. How did it perform and did it keep Charlie cooler?

Pawdaw dog cooling vest test with Charlie

When we first fitted the cooler jacket on Charlie he took a while to get used to the feel of it. The evaporative cooling was obviously in full effect as soon as we popped it on but within a minute he was off on his usual rampages, chasing squirrels and generally being a wild wheaten!

The jacket held up incredibly well to the rigours of our daily walks which usually include lots of charging through bushes, disappearing for extended periods whilst chasing things and rolling, lots of rolling! It stayed secured, in place and Charlie seemed oblivious to it after a while.

Was Charlie a cool dog?

As you can see from the pictures, Charlie was born cool! He's a fine looking mutt and smart to boot but he does run a lot and has a tendency to never sit still meaning that he also pants a lot and gets hot even on cooler days which is why we were keen to test the cooling dog jackets from Pawdaw.

The cooling vest did actually make a huge difference to Charlie and his ability to keep going. Like most dogs, after a particularly fast run Charlie likes to stop, pant and take a breather before continuing on his merry way but whilst wearing the cool vest his panting most definitely lessened and much to the horror of the squirrels his stamina seemed to improve.

Home time and post walk

We left the cooling vest on Charlie for the return journey home and he seemed particularly happy with himself. Whether this was because he was cooler generally or whether he pleased as punch that he'd managed to run extra fast for extra long and harass extra squirrels we couldn't tell but happier and cooler he most definitely was. If your dog is particularly wet and sweaty when you get home you could always give them a rub down with the Pawdaw dog towel which we reviewed last year.

Once home we gave the vest a good rinse, hung it out to dry and it was good to go for the next hot adventure.

The Pawdaw cooling dog vest can be given a machine wash at 30-40 degrees which means that you can keep if clean, fresh and that it will provide years of dog cooling service for your four legged buddies.

Cool Vest Conclusions

Is the Pawdaw dog cooling cool vest worth it, yes. Does the cooling vest work, yes. Is the Pawdaw cooling vest hard wearing and versatile, yes. Does Charlie like it, yes as it allows him to hound thousands more poor squirrels!

There are many cool jackets on the market but what sets the Pawdaw vest apart is it's quality manufacturing, it's ease of use and how good it looks on. It stays damp, it cools your dog and it looks good to boot.

Dog cooling products and dog cooling vests from Pawdaw review

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