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Luther Bennett Dog Car Seat Review

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

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We take an in depth look at the luxury Dog Travel Pod from Luther Bennett, a high quality and super comfortable dog car seat which can also double as a luxury dog bed when you finally reach your destination.

Made from high quality materials and offering a super comfortable ride for your dog, the Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod is a fantastic looking dog car seat. Read on for our hands on review of the Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod.

Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod Dog Car Seat Review

Could the Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod System be One of The Most Comfortable Dog Car Seats on the Market? Let's Take a Look!

Do you love days out with your dog? Jumping in the car with the wind in your fur looking for the next adventure? For some dogs and owners this is the perfect day out but for other dogs that are not so keen on car journeys, even a trip to the local shops can be traumatic.

This is where a high quality dog car seat can help by making your dog feel comfortable and secure during car journeys and the Luther bennett Dog Travel Pod is one of the most comfortable dog car seats that we have reviewed and, as professional dog walkers, every single one of the dogs that we have tried the dog seat with have absolutely loved it!

Why the Luther Bennett Dog Car Seat Review?

Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod Dog Car Seat

We love reviewing high quality, practical products that will benefit dogs and owners, that will last a long time and that are high quality and well manufactured and whilst looking for a dog car seat for Charlie our wheaten terrier we came across the range from Luther Bennett. What immediately stood out was that they looked super high quality but more importantly that they looked super comfortable and so we immediately got on touch to arrange delivery of one of their Travel Dog Pods along with one of the Luther Loungers dog beds which we liked the look of.

The items arrived incredibly quickly with our order being processed on the Wednesday and our box of Luther Bennett goodies being delivered by DPD the very next day. The ordering process was simple and straightforward and we received regular deliver updates via email and text message which ensured that we always knew where our package was.

Luther Bennett Dog Car Seat Delivery

The items arrived really well packaged and thankfully vacuum packed. One of our worries when ordering was that the Dog Travel Pod looked very large and comfortable which is ideal for our dogs but not so ideal when being delivered but the packaging system was really well thought out meaning that everything arrived in A1 condition and that the delivered packaged occupied a much smaller space that the final dog car seat and dog bed.

Unboxing and Assembling the Luther Bennett Dog Car Seat

Luther Bennett Dog Car Seat Review

As soon as you open the packaging you can tell the the Luther Bennett Dog Travel Pod is a quality item. The cushions plump up quickly and the dog car seat cover itself is made of high quality and hard wearing nylon that feels soft yet durable. It is great quality and is easy to wipe clean when it gets muddy or dirty.

Once the items were unboxed and removed from their protective vacuum packaging it was a simple and straightforward process to pop the cushions into the front, sides and rear of the car seat cover and into the fur lined pad that goes on the base of the travel pod. Everything is really well made and assembling the cushions and the seat was easy and straight forward.

Once all of the cushions were inserted it was a simple matter of zipping the seat up and it was ready to go. The cushions and pads almost auto inflate when removed from the packaging so the seat plumps up without you really having to do anything.

Fitting The Dog Travel Pod Car Seat Into the Car

Once assembled the fitting of the dog car seat onto the front seat was a piece of cake.

The dog car seat sits directly on the front passenger seat and there is no option to really adjust the height of the seat but this isn't a major problem as the thick padding in the cushions means that your dog is slightly raised. The two straps, one high and one low, attach to the clips on the dog car seat and then wrap around to the rear of the seat where the two adjustable clips secure the straps and the car seat in place.


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