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Bearwood Dog Walker

If you live in the Bearwood area and are looking for a dog walker then we are dog walkers that cover the whole of the Bearwood area !


We Walk Woofs are dog walkers & puppy carers based in Harborne who cover the Bearwood area and can come and walk your dogs and look after your animals when you are unable to be there.


Bearwood has some of the best areas for dog walkers and we can offer walks around the area with our experienced Bearwood dog walkers.


We use a number of routes in and around the Bearwood area and our dog walkers usually walk around Warley Woods and Lightwoods park in Bearwood.


If you are looking for a Bearwood dog walker that offers solo or group dog walks around the Bearwood area then we are dog walkers that can walk your dog seven days a week.

Call We Walk Woofs to book your Bearwood dog walker today.

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