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Mud Mummy Portable Dog Shower

Mud Mummy - One Of The Best Rechargeable Powered Dog Showers

We Review The Best Powered Dog Shower For 2023 

We all love our dogs and our dog walks. Being outdoors, fresh air, chatting to other dog owners. Theres a lot to be said for the benefits of dog ownership. But this all changes when fido finds a muddy puddle! Suddenly the idyllic walk is transformed into a stress fest of dripping dogs, muddy cars and even messier showers once at home.

As professional dog walkers who are regularly in charge of a tribe of muddy mutts we were on the look out for an easy solution to our muddy mutt problems and chanced on what is probably one of the finest inventions a dog owner could purchase - the Mud Mummy portable, rechargeable powered dog shower! This little baby solves all of your muddy dog problems in one easy, colourful and portable solution. Simply keep it charged, fill with warm (never boiling!) water, pop it in your boot and after your walk you have a simple way to clean your dog before they hop into your car and more importantly before you return home. Simply press the power button and your dog is bathed in a shower of warm and cleaning water which along with the brush head is guaranteed to remove even the toughest of dirt.

The Mud Mummy Powered Dog Shower

So, what exactly is the Mud Mummy powered dog shower?

Like her big brother the Mud Daddy portable washer, the Mud Mummy is a simple to use and portable dog cleaning device and part of the ever growing Mud Daddy range.  Where the Mud Mummy differs is that rather than having to pressurise the container by pumping before washing your dog, bike etc, the Mud Mummy runs off a rechargeable power brush head so you simple press the on button and the Mud Mummy powers into action.


The original Mud daddy dog shower range includes sizes every occasion including a 5L, 8L and 12L version of the Mud daddy. The 8L Mud Mummy is one of the newest additions to their range and is proving a hit with users due to it's ease of use.

Like the original Mud Daddy the Mud Mummy is simple to fill, simpler to operate and produces outstanding results.


Having already tested the Mud Daddy out in the field with great results we were eager to test the even simpler Mud Mummy so took the gang for a long walk over the Clent Hills to put the Mud Mummy through her paces with a gang of very, very muddy dogs.

The Mud Mummy Dog Shower With Power Brush

The Mud Mummy build and construction

The Mud Mummy dog shower is similar in construction to it's brother the Mud daddy and is made of heavy duty moulded orange plastic with an integrated moulded carrying handle, a screw top filling point, a two metre flexible hose and the thing that differentiates it from the Mud Daddy, a rechargeable brush handle with interchangeable heads and an electronic water flow button.


Like it's original brother, the first thing that you notice about the Mud Mummy powered dog shower is how solid and thoroughly well made it is. It seems, rugged, well designed and capable of many years of solid use. Oh, and did we mention that it looks like a little dog!

Mud Mummy Power Brush

How does the Mud Mummy work?

Although the Mud Daddy is simple to use the Mud Mummy believe it or not is even simpler! The hose attachment stage has been simplified with a push fit locking and release fitting which makes attaching and removing the hose a very simple process. 


Once the hose is attached simply unscrew the filling cap and fill with water. Unlike the Mud Daddy there is one additional step of charging the power head. This is simply a matter of plugging in the power head via the supplied USB lead for around five hours to fully charge the battery which will provide around one hour of continuous use.


Like the Mud Daddy, the Mud Mummy can be filled with either warm or cold water and can maintain the temperature of the water for up to two and a half hours so wave goodbye to cold showers for your pooch! For seriously muddy mutts the Mud Mummy will allow the addition of shampoo or detangling solution to combat even the messiest of dogs.

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Mud Mummy Quick Release Water Connecter

How easy is the Mud Mummy to use

The Mud Daddy was easy to use but the Mud Mummy changed the game by being even easier. Aim, press, warm water, clean dog. It really doesn't get any simpler!


Like it's brother, the compact design, 2m hose, powered brush and large capacity makes it a breeze to clean your dogs even when then are absolutely caked in mud.


Unlike the Mud daddy the beauty of the Mud Mummy is that as it's battery powered there is no need to pressurise the reservoir. The power brush draws water through the brush head providing up to an hours worth of showering which makes the whole process of washing your dog intuitive and stress free. 


As with it's stable mate the water flow on the Mud Mummy wasn't on par with a traditional shower but it was more than adequate, was consistent and combined with the 8L tank volume and the fantastic interchangeable heads it made light work of cleaning all of our dogs until they were car and house friendly.

The Mud Mummy Rechargeable Power Brush

Does the Mud Mummy clean dogs?


The Mud Mummy most definitely does clean dogs and very well too! In fact we would go as far as to say that this is probably one of the best portable showers on the market today.

From its solid construction and flexible hose, easy recharging and strong water flow and quality heads the Mud Mummy portable dog shower has changed the way to clean your dog after wet and mussy walks. No more muddy dog, cars or houses.


Some of our dogs could attract mud in a desert and after we gave them the once over with the Mud Mummy it was hard to believe that just minutes earlier they had been encased in mud and debris.

The Mud Mummy & the Pawdaw Of London dog drying bag – probably the best  combo for dog owners that like clean dogs!

Once you've washed your dog and they are clean but soaking wet, what then? Enter the Pawdaw Of London dog drying bag! A massive, super absorbent dog towelling bag that dries wet dogs in super fast time. Simply wash your dog, zip them into the dog drying bag for the journey home and hey presto, out pops a clean and super dry dog ready to enter your house without causing a mess!

The Mudd Mummy For Muddy Dogs
A Clean Dog After Being Showered With The Mud Mummy

Our Verdict On The Mud Mummy

Like its original stable mate, the Mud Mummy rechargeable powered dog shower has changed we walk our dogs. Whereas before we would plan walks by choosing the less muddy routes to keep our dogs clean and to stop them trashing the car on the journey home we can now be way more adventurous and flexible as we now have the perfect cleaning device for when we return from our walks. No matter how muddy the dogs are we know that the Mud Mummy can clean them off before they jump into the car and more importantly before we drop them home. We even used it to clean our waterproof dog walking bag after it had an unfortunate plunge into the mud! Make sure that it's filled and charged and we can clean all of the gang in the blink of an eye.


It is portable, well designed, easy to use, keeps the water warm, is easy to fill and recharge and has totally transformed the way that we walk our dogs and run our business. And with 10% off with our Mud daddy discount code there has never been a better time to keep your dogs clean!


And like the other products in the range the Mud Mummy isn't only for dogs and lends itself to washing and cleaning anything whilst you are out and about.

The Mud Daddy & Mud Mummy Dog Shower Range

The Mud Mummy 8L Portable Dog Washer
The Mud Mummy Powered Dog Shower
Mud Daddy 12L Washer For Dogs

The Mud Daddy and Mud Mummy portable dog showers and washers come in a range of sizes ranging from 5L through to 8L and finally the largest portable dog shower which holds an impressive 12L of portable dog washing power.

We Walk Woofs is puppy powered and supported by you our readers. If you look at our reviews and then subsequently decide to make a purchase through some of the links on our site we may earn a small affiliate commission but please be assured that this in no way affects our choices when it comes to looking for the very best products for your animals . Read more here.

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