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We are dog walkers in Brandhall

We Walk Woofs are dog walkers based in Harborne that offer dog walking services to the whole of Brandhall and surrounding areas.


As the premier dog walking company covering Brandhall we can come and walk your dogs and look after your animals anytime that you are unable to be there.


Brandhall has some fantastic dog walking areas and we can offer walks around the local area with one of our experienced Brandhall dog walkers.


We use a number of areas in and around Brandhall and our dog walking usually includes Warley Woods, Queens Park, and Lightwoods Park all close to Brandhall.


If you are looking for a Brandhall dog walker that offers solo or group dog walking around the Brandhall area then we are dog walkers that can walk your dog seven days a week.

Call We Walk Woofs to book your Brandhall dog walker today.

dog walkers on Brandhall

The Premier Dog Walkers In Brandhall