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In Edgbaston

Dog Walking In Edgbaston

If you live in Edgbaston and are looking for a dog walking service then we are right on your doorstep!


We Walk Woofs offer dog walking, puppy visiting and pet sitting services in Edgbaston and can come and walk your dogs in Edbaston when you are not around.


Edgbaston has some great dog walking spaces and we can offer on or off lead walks across the Edgbaston area.


We offer dog walking along the Harborne walkway, around Edgbaston reservoir, in Summerfield park and around the Chad Square area of Edgbaston. If you are looking for an Edgbaston dog walker then call us today.


If you are looking for solo dog walks or group dog walks around the Edgbaston area then we can walk your dog seven days a week come rain or shine !


Find out more about dog walking on the Harborne walkway, around Edgbaston reservoir, Summerfield park and Chad Square in Edgbaston by clicking on the links.

Call We Walk Woofs today to book your dog walking in Edgbaston.

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