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Dog Fields Near Me

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Are you looking for a local, secure dog field where you can let your dog off lead safely and securely? We all know that our dogs need regular off lead exercise to keep them fit, happy and stimulated but not all dogs can be let off lead whether it's because of poor recall, because they are nervous or because they can be reactive to other dogs and this is where a secure and enclosed dog field can be a godsend. Secure dog parks allows owners to let their dogs off lead in a secure and safe environment where the dogs can run, explore and interact. We take a look at a range of your local dog fields near me where your dogs can run and play in a safe and secure environment.

Read on to find your nearest secure dog exercise park or field that allows your dog to run free in a safe secure environment here

Dog fields near me

What Are Secure Dog Fields Or Secure Dog Parks?

Dog walking fields or secure dog parks are usually privately owned fields and secure fenced areas where dog owners can exercise their dogs safely off lead either on their own in a group with friends.

Most secure dog walking fields can be rented out by the half hour or hour, or even by the day or half day and vary in size from small paddocks with just grass and hedges or fences to larger dog walking fields that have a range of facilities for both dogs and owners.

In addition to a safe and secure area for dogs to run free many local secure dog walking fields have features to increase the fun that your dog can have whilst safe and off lead including ponds, wooded areas, agility equipment, ramps, toys and tunnels that can help to make your dogs time in the dog walking field fun and stimulating.

Can Secure Dog Walking Fields Help My Nervous Dog?

Yes, a secure dog walking field can be of benefit for nervous or timid dogs as it allows them to build their confidence and also for you to build trust as dog and owner without the distraction and interference of other dogs.

Can You Use Dog Walking Fields If Your Dog Gas Poor Recall?

Not all dogs have great recall and some refuse to return to their owners when called even with the offer of treats and when out walking their dog in parks or other public spaces this can be both dangerous and frustrating. If you are training your dog to improve their recall then a secure dog walking field is ideal as they they prevent your dog from running off and keep them in sight which can help with recall training.


Our List Of Local Dog Fields (Near To Birmingham)

Halesowen - Meadow View Mutts Secure Dog Field

Halesowen - Horsepool Farm Dog Park

Halesowen - Doggy Daycare's Stay and Play Field

Alvechurch - Alvechurch Dog Park

Stourbridge - Prestwood Doggy Play Park


Wet & Dirty Dog? Take A Look At Our Portable Dog Shower & Dog Drying Bag Reviews

So you've had a great time in your local dog field, you dog has played, run and no doubt got very wet and muddy. Now you have the problem of a muddy and wet dog in your clean and dry car! Fear not as we have you covered with the ultimate wet and dirty dog combo in the shape of the Mud Daddy Portable Dog Shower and the Pawdaw of London Dog Drying Bag which can have even the dirtiest of dogs clean and dry in the shake of a wet lamb's tail!

Mud Daddy Portable Dog Washer Review

The Mud daddy Portable Dog Washer & Shower is one of the finest dog products ever to be invented and has saved many a despairing dog owner from muddy car mayhem! The Mud Daddy is a totally portable and self contained dog shower complete with water tank, long hose and a super tough shower/brush head that can deal with even the muddiest of dogs quickly and easily.

The 8L tank is filled with water before you leave for your walk, popped securely into your boot and is ready to tackle dirty dogs at the end of your walk. Simply pressurise the container with a few pumps on the handle, press the button on the brush head and you are ready to clean fido with enough water on tap for even larger breeds like Alsatians. The brush head makes short work of even the most ingrained mud and the long and flexible hose can get into even the most awkward of armpits!

If you are interested in having a sparklingly clean dog before the journey home then take a look at our full Mud Daddy Portable Dog Washer Review here.

Dog Drying Bag

For us, the moment that we discovered the fantastic dog drying bag from Pawdaw of London, our dog walking world changed as wet dogs in clean cars or on clean sofas were a thing of the past. The dog drying bag does exactly what it says on the tin and dries even the wettest of dogs until they are dry, clean and car and sofa friendly.

Made from high quality towelling material the dog drying bag is a cinch to use as you stand your dog on the unzipped and open bag, closed the velcro collar around your dog's neck, zip up the roomy and spacious bag and let Fido sit and chill for ten to fifteen minutes and after a quick rub out they pop clean, dry and house and car friendly.

We have been using our dog drying bag for nearly two years and it is still going strong due to the high quality materials and quality manufacturing. Once your dog has dried off simply shake the open bag outside to remove the dirt and sand, allow it to dry and bingo, it's ready for the next adventure! If your dog gets heroically muddy the dry bag will still clean them off and is machine washable so with a quick wash and dry it's as good as new.

If you would like a dry dog read our full dog drying bag review here.



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