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Best Portable Dog Shower Roundup - Updated for 2024

Updated: Jan 2

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If, like most dogs, your furry companion likes nothing more that a run through the fields and forest when it's raining and muddy then welcome to the club!

There seems to be something very appealing for dogs about running through the muddiest puddles at your local dog fields and rolling in the dirtiest streams but when it comes to the trip home in your car and worse still the arrival home with a wet and muddy dog, the appeal of dog ownership can sometimes wear a little thin! If you are regularly in this position during the winter months then now might be the time to invest in a dog shower!

Dog shower

Table Of Contents

What to Look For in a Dog Shower

3. Decathlon Portable Solar Dog Shower

4. RISEPRO Portable Dog Shower

5. Hozelock PortaShower Dog Washer

6. SEATOSUMMIT Pocket Shower

7. Hi-Gear Solar Portable Shower


What Is a Dog Shower?

Dog showers are essentially portable dog washers that can be taken with you on walks and used to shower your dog clean before they hop into your car for the journey home. Because they are portable, dog showers can be used after walks, after days at the beach and even at home to clean muddy paws if your dog has been in the garden.

Usually comprising of a plastic tank or reservoir of varying sizes, a long flexible hose and a shower head or brush head, the dog showers work by introducing pressure into the reservoir by means of a pump that then forces the water along the tube and out of the dog shower head. This allows you to clean your dog with fresh water either all over or in specific spots like paws or tummy.

Best portable dog shower review

Designed to be portable and easy to use the dog shower can be filled before you leave, secured in the boot or in the car and is ready to clean your dog at the end of the walk.

If it's cold out or your dog is a particularly sensitive soul they can even be filled with tepid water to make the dog shower experience that much more enjoyable for your dog!

Not only can dog showers be used to clean dogs, we have found a myriad of uses for them from cleaning our hiking boots and mountain bikes to defrosting our car windows in an eco friendly manner on frosty mornings! Read on for our 2023 dog shower round up.


So what features should you be looking for when buying a portable dog shower ?

When you are in the market for a portable dog shower or easy to use post walk dog washer, what features should you be looking for when reviewing which dog shower to buy? From experience we have listed below the key features to look for:

🚿 Ease of Use & Setup

Whichever portable dog shower you decide on it needs to be straightforward to set up and easy to use. Ideally you need a dog shower that does not need assembling each use.

🚿 Portability

Being able to take the dog shower with you on walks or to the beach is obviously and important aspect of owning a portable dog washer so overall size and water tank capacity should be taken into account as should the weight of the dog shower when full of water. You need a unit that will easily fit in the boot of your car and that is a manageable weight once full.

🚿 Tank Size & Hose Length

The size of the portable dog shower that you finally decide on and the capacity of the tank will depend on the size of your dog or the number of dogs that you plan to wash down. Some of the smaller dog showers with a 5L capacity will be ideal for a small to medium dog whereas an 8L capacity or above would be ideal for a couple of smaller dogs or one large dog. For very large dogs or multiple dogs 8L and over will be needed as it's important that you have enough water to ensure that you have a clean dog at the end! Hose length varies across the showers reviewed but all work pretty well.

🚿 Powered or Unpowered

The dog showers that we reviewed used a variety of methods to get water from the shower onto your dog including gravity, water pressure and powered pumps and which one you choose will be down to personal choice. bear in mind that gravity fed dog showers will need to be hung from a tree or your car roof, air pressure dog showers will need to be pressurised and that involves mild physical exertion and powered dog showers will need to be charged before your walks.

🚿 Shower Head or Brush Head

Relying on water alone to remove ingrained mud from your dogs fur has its downsides and this is when an integrated brush shower head comes into its own. A brush head allows you to brush your dog's coat as the water is flowing and this makes it way easier to remove caked on mud and dirt.

🚿 Noise Level

Once you have finished your peaceful walk in nature the last thing that you want is to shatter the tranquility with a loud and noisy dog shower whether that be the noise from the pump or your huffing, puffing and grunting whilst pumping the dog shower for first use! We are happy to report that all of the reviewed dog washers are low volume or noise free!


Our Roundup Of The Best Portable Dog Showers And Dog Washers For 2024

1) Mud Daddy Portable Dog Shower

Mud daddy portable dog shower

The Mud Daddy range of portable dog showers and accessories are probably the best known dog washers in the UK and offer a number of models and sizes that will appeal to a wide variety of dog owners.

Available in a range of sizes from the smaller 5L capacity all the way up to the 12L multi dog size, the Mud Daddy dog showers are well made, easy to use and cleaned our dogs really, really well.

We have been using the 8L Mud Daddy as it is really easy to use and transport and there is more than enough water in the tank to clean our Wheaten Terrier Charlie even after he has had one of his usual muddy rampages in the woods.

Pressurising the Mud Daddy tank is easy thanks to the built in pressurising handle and when jull it only takes a few pumps to get a really strong flow of water and the lack of powered pump means that the Mud Daddy is silent in use.

The 2m hose attachment is straightforward and the hose length means that we can get into every nook and cranny even when Charlie is wrigging! The built in brush head with the water control trigger means that we can remove even the most persistent clumps of mud from Charlie's fur and the fibres on the brush head help to detangle his coat at the same time.

The Mud Daddy portable dog shower

Like all of the showers reviewed, in cooler weather the Mud daddy can be filled with tepid water to make post walk showers a bit more bearable for your dog and Mud Daddy do an insulated jacket that wraps around the tank and keeps the water warmer for longer.

All in all an almost perfect portable dog shower that is very well built, is easy to transport to your local dog walking field, has a great tank capacity and is very easy to use. The only downside in our view is that because the hose is so long (which is a bonus in other ways), storing the hose and brush head when not in use can be a little bit fiddly but this is a small price to pay for what is in the end a fantastic piece of kit.

Read our in depth Mud Daddy Portable Dog Shower review here.


Fantastic quality product

Very easy to use

A variety of sizes to suit all breeds

Long hose and integrated brush head



Long hose means storage can be fiddly

Get 10% off your Mud Daddy with the code WeWalkWoofs

2) Mud Mummy Portable Dog Washer

Mud Mummy Portable Dog Washer

Just like the Mud Daddy, the Mud Mummy is one of the leading dog washers on the market and is made to the same high standards as the original Mud daddy but differs in that the Mud Mummy ships with a rechargeable powered shower head as standard and so totally does away with the need to manually pressurise the tank. Simply plug the shower head into a USB port and when fully charged you will have over an hour of hassle free dog showers.

The Mud Mummy comes with an 8L tank, the standard 2m meter hose, a rechargeable power brush head, a large and small brush head and a charging cable for the power brush.

Just like the Mud Daddy, the Mud Mummy is really well made and is even easier to use thanks to the power brush head. Whereas you need to pressurise the Mud daddy tank, with the Mud Mummy it's a simple press of the button on the shower head and the water is automatically pumped from the tank and onto your dog!

The hose attachment on the Mud Mummy is even more straightforward than on her big brother as all fittings are push on quick release which makes attaching and removing the hose simple. The Mud Mummy is fairly quiet in operation with only a gentle hum coming from the motor in the shower head.

The Mud Daddy portable dog shower

Again, like all of the showers reviewed, in cooler weather you can top the Mud Mummy up with warm water keep your dog warmer when being cleaned and Mud Daddy do an insulated jacket that wraps around the tank and keeps the water warmer for longer.

Just like her big brother, the Mud Mummy is an almost perfect portable dog shower that is very well built, easy to transport and is even easier to use thanks to the rechargeable powered shower head which does away with the need to manually pressurise the tank.

Read our in depth Mud Mummy Portable Dog Washer review here.


Fantastic quality product

Even easier to use thanks to the powered shower head

Large 8L tank

2m hose, integrated rechargeable powered brush head + large & small brushes

Very quiet


Long hose means storage can be fiddly

Get 10% off your Mud Mummy with the code WeWalkWoofs




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