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We Look At Some Of The Best Dog Walking Bag Accessories

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Essential items to carry in your dog walking bag
Essential Dog Walking Bag Accessories

All dog owners love walking their dogs and the freedom and exercise that it provides. Fresh air, chatting with other dog owners and a healthy step count are just some of the benefits that dog ownership can bring. When out and about with your dog it is really important to carry essential equipment for your walk so that you can be ready for every eventuality that may occur whilst out walking.

Today we look at the list of essential dog walking bag accessories that every dog owner should take with them when out walking their four legged friends.

Spare Leads As responsible dog walkers, we all know the importance of carrying spare leads when walking dogs. Even the most well-behaved dogs can become unpredictable and bolt unexpectedly and if your main

lead is accidentally lost or broken then in these types of situations, having a spare lead in your dog walking bag can be an absolute lifesaver. Carrying a spare lead ensures that you always have full control over all of the dogs that you are walking, preventing them from running off and potentially putting themselves in harm's way or becoming a nuisance to other dog walkers. Additionally, carrying a spare lead in your dog walk bag provides peace of mind and allows you to be prepared for any unexpected situations that may arise while out on a walk. There have even been times when out walking when we have encountered a lost dog and after pulling a spare lead from our dog walking bum bag we were able to safely control the lost dog and managed to return it to its grateful owners.

Spare leads are always important when walking your dog
Always carry a spare lead in your dog walking bag

Collars A collar is an essential piece of equipment for any dog, providing immediate identification and a means to attach a lead for walks so that you are in control of your dog. However, as with any piece of equipment, dog collars can break, fall off or become damaged over time. This is why carrying a spare collar in your dog bag for dog walks is a sensible and responsible thing to do as an astute dog owner.

In our experience, the most common cause of collar problems of breakage is excessive pulling or tugging from a strong, energetic dog or a smaller dog if spooked. A collar can easily snap under this kind of strain, leaving your dog without identification and potentially free to run off or get lost. In these situations, having a spare collar in your dog walk bag can save you a lot of stress and hassle.

Always carry a spare collar to keep your dog safe
A spare collar is an essential item in any dog walkers bag

Poo Bags As responsible dog owners we all know the importance of cleaning up after your dog whilst out on walks and so carrying a good supply of poo bags in your dog walking bags should be top of your list when planning dog walks. Not only is it dirty and disrespectful for other dog walkers, cyclists etc, in many places not cleaning up after your dog is illegal and for good reason.

Whenever you are taking your dogs for a walk always ensure that you have plenty of spare dog poo bags available in your dog bag so that you can be a responsible dog owner and clear up after you dog.

Always carry spare poo bags in your dog walking bum bag
A good quantity of poo bags is a must have in any dog walking bag

Water Bottle Even on the coolest of days dogs dogs can become dehydrated on long walks so carrying a water bottle of clean water in your dog walk bag is of the utmost importance. Not only can a water bottle quench the thirst of even the hottest of dogs it can also be used as an emergency paw cleaning aid if you dog encounters a muddy puddle so keeping a bottle of water in your walking bag is important.

A water bottle for your dog is an essential dog walking bag item
Carry a water bottle in your dogs walking bag

Dog Towel

Walking your dog on a wet day can sometimes be testing as a wet dog and cars and houses aren't a great mix!

Carrying a high quality and absorbent dog towel as one of your essential items in your dog walking bag is a sure fire answer to having a dry dog when you return from your walks.

Dog towels are usually made from high quality and super absorbent microfibre material that allows you to dry

A small dog walking towel is easy to carry in most dog walking bags
Carrying a dog towel ensures that your dog will be dry and mud free after their walks

Ball Launcher Although most dogs love a good walk there is nothing better for a dog than an energetic game of 'fetch' with a quality ball and a good quality ball launcher and so when you pull the ball and launcher from your dog walk bag most dogs realise that it is time for fun! Not only is a game of fetch fantastic exercise for your dog it has the benefit of being able to exercise dogs in even the smallest of spaces so for us a dog ball and dog ball launcher are must haves in every dog walking bag.

Carry a ball for fun and exercise
A ball is the number one essential item in any dog walkers bag!

Phone Although most people these days carry a phone with them at all times we thought that we would include it on our list of dog walking bag accessories as many people forget to take pictures of their dog walks and this means that they can potentially miss out on some fantastic 'dog shots' that have the potential to become framed masterpieces! Pulling your camera phone from your dog walk bag at just the right moment can capture some truly stunning dog walking pictures that can capture fantastic walks for others to appreciate.

A phone fits easily into most dog walk bags and allows owners to preserve fantastic memories
Carry a phone on your dog walks to capture those magic moments

Treats Having a selection of treats in your dog bag for walking whilst out with your dog can be a great way to reinforce recall, reward your dog for great behaviour and to give them an energy boost mid walk. There are a huge range of high quality and healthy dog treats available for all palates that can fit into even the smallest of dog walking bum bags which makes praising and rewarding your dog simple and straight forward.

Carry a range of dog treats in your dog bag
Carrying dog treats whilst out on your walks can reinforce good behaviour

Torch Or Head torch UK winters can be long, cold and dark and so sometimes early morning or early evening dog walks can sometimes mean walking in low light conditions. Keeping a torch or head torch in your dog walking bag means that you can walk at night, see the path ahead and stay safe by spotting potential trip hazards and being visible to motorists, cyclists and other walkers whilst walking in low light conditions.

A small torch is easy to carry in and dog walking bag or bum bag
Carry a torch for late night or early morning dog walks

Dog First Aid Kit Even on the quietist and straight forward dog walks accidents can happen and so being prepared with a simple dog first aid kit in your dog walking bag can mean the difference between finishing your dog walk early or carrying on and giving your dog the exercise that they need. Carrying a kit that contains the basics including bandages, non adhesive tape, cotton wool and blunt ended scissors means that you will be well prepared to take care of any minor injuries that might occur whilst out dog walking.

A dog first aid kit is a dog walking bag essential
Carry a small dog first aid kit in your dog walking bag for emergencies

Farb Spray We have left this last dog walker bag item, until last as it is potentially quite divisive with some dog walkers agreeing that it is a must have item in their dog walkers bag and some disputing whether it should be carried at all. Farb Gel is a discreet, UK legal and accurate self defence criminal marker spray that can deter potential attackers and mark them with an indelible red marker ink that is visible for days. Whilst we find that 99% of the time we feel safe when walking our dogs for those dog walkers that would like a little more peace of mind whilst out the inclusion of Farb Gel in their dog walking bag could give an added level of security. Dog Leads

UK legal anti attack gel for dog walkers
Farb Gel attack repellant can give peace of mind when out on solo dog walks


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