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When Buying Dog Car Seats What Is ISOFIX And Is It Important?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Are you shopping for a dog car seat for your four legged companion and are wondering what ISOFIX is and whether it is an important consideration when buying dog car seat? Read on to find out all about the ISOFIX system and whether it is an important aspect when considering dog car seats in 2023.

What is ISOFIX and is it important for dog car seats

What is ISOFIX?

ISO 13216, better known as the ISOFIX car seat system in cars in the UK, is an international car seat fixing standard for securing dog and child safety seats safely and securely to your existing car seats. The ISOFIX system was introduced in the late 90's and by 2001 was incorporated in most new cars as an important safety feature. It was designed to standardise the attachment of child and dog car seats in vehicles and to make it easier and safer to install seats in all vehicles, minimising the risk of incorrect installation and increasing the safety of children and pets during car journeys.

What are the benefits of the ISOFIX system on dog car seats?

By choosing a dog car seat that uses the ISOFIX system you can ensure that your dog is travelling safely and securely and that in the event of an accident the seat will be protected and safe. Unlike the old seat belt tethered seats where incorrect fitting was common, ISOFIX dog car seats are designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to install the seat incorrectly thus maximising the safety of your dog. Not all dog car seats are fitted with ISOFIX attachments but this isn't necessarily a bad thing as there are some really high quality and well made dog car seats that use a secure strapping system to fix the car seat in place and provide a similar level of safety.

How do ISOFIX dog car seats actually work?

ISOFIX dog car seats have straps and attachments that are secured to the fitted ISOFIX anchor points fitted in your car. By using the supplied straps and attachments the dog car seat is fitted securely to the ISOFIX points, locking onto your cars anchor points and securing the dog car seat in place. The straps and anchoring are usually easy to fit and release allowing the dog car seat to be moved or removed.

Is an ISOFIX dog car seat better than one secured with a seat belt?

Both fitting methods of dog car seats can be very safe but with seat belt fitted dog car seats there is always the possibility that you accidentally fit the car seat incorrectly which could result in safety issues for your dog whilst travelling. The ISOFIX system simplifies fitting thus reducing the possibility of incorrect installation resulting in a safer journey for your dog. If you are confident when fitting your dog car seat then both styles can provide safe and secure transportation for your dog.

Can I just secure my dog car seat with a seat belt?

When installed correctly, dog car seats that are secured with a seat belt can be incredibly safe with problems only arising when the seat is installed incorrectly. ISOFIX seats eliminate the possibility of incorrect installation and could be a better option for dog owners that are worried about fitting their dog car seats correctly.

How do I know if my car has ISOFIX before I buy a dog car seat?

ISOFIX labels for dog car seats

How do you know if your car is fitted with ISOFIX points before buying a dog car seat? The easiest way is to check with your vehicle manufacturer or check in your car’s handbook as this should also say whether your vehicle is fitted with ISOFIX points, where they are located. You can also check along the joins in your back seats as you should find a tag with the ISOFIX logo on it and be able to either visually see or feel the attachment points on the seats.



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