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Can Dogs Eat Black Pudding? Our update for 2024

Updated: Jan 2

You may be wondering whether it is safe for dogs to eat black pudding and especially raw black pudding so in this post we look at whether it is safe or advisable to feed your dog to black pudding every now and again whether raw or cooked.

Can dogs eat black pudding?

Like it or loathe it black pudding or blood pudding as it is known in some areas has been around for centuries and is still a popular food item throughout the UK and Ireland as is a regular fixture on many breakfast plates but is black pudding suitable or even safe to feed to your dog?

The simple answer to that question is a resounding yes but we take a look at the pros and cons of feeding your dog black pudding, what's actually in it and whether black pudding is a healthy choice for your dog.

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Our guide to the pros and cons of black pudding for your dog


✅ Some dogs love the taste of Marmite

✅ Can be a source of B vitamins

✅ Low in fat

✅ High in folic acid


❌ High salt content

❌ 10.8g of salt per 100g

❌ Potential for sodium poisoning

What Is Black Pudding

Black pudding, also known as blood pudding or blood sausage, is a type of sausage made from animal blood, typically pig's blood, combined with a mixture of various ingredients such as fats, grains, herbs, and spices. The mixture is then stuffed into a casing, traditionally made from the animal's intestine, and cooked before being consumed.

What Is Black Pudding Made From And Are The Ingredients Suitable And Safe For Your Dog?

Black pudding or blood pudding as it is known in some parts is widely thought to be one of the earliest form of sausage and is made from pig, sheep or cow blood, off cuts of fat, some form of rusk to bind the mixture and different spices and seasoning depending on where the pudding is produced.

Traditionally the blood and fat mixture was forced into beef intestines and left to hang so that the mixture clotted and solidified although in modern times synthetic pudding casings are more widely used although the filling mixture has stayed the same.

Once hung the pudding can be eaten raw or cooked and the combination of blood and fat probably sounds like a feast for your dog but we will now explore the safety aspects and pros and cons of feeding your dog black pudding!

Although the main ingredients of blood, fat and oatmeal are generally considered safe for your dog in moderation, there is some concern over added ingredients used by some manufactures.

Can Dogs Eat Black Pudding And Is The Raw Blood And Fat Safe For Dogs?

Due to the ingredients usually found in black puddings, the answer to the question can dogs eat black pudding is usually yes but there are some caveats. As it has a high fat content and is a very rich product it is usually only advisable to feed it to your dog on special occasions or as a treat to reward good behaviour whilst training.

In small amounts feeding your dog black pudding should not cause any issues and even if your dog manages to steal the black pudding from your breakfast plate it shouldn't cause many issues but it is wise to be mindful of the high fat, calorie and salt content of black pudding if you are considering feeding it to your dog regularly.

There are some trainers that recommend using black pudding as a high value reward when training your dog but, as outlined above, due to the fast and salt content you need to be aware of how much black pudding you are feeding to your dog as a reward in order to minimise and adverse effects. In fact, although most dogs respond well to black pudding rewards during training it is important to bear in mind that there are lots of equally effective yet healthier rewards that could be used in place of black pudding.

Can dogs eat raw black pudding

So Is It Generally Safe For Dogs To Eat Black Pudding?

Although the exact ingredients used in black pudding will vary from region to region and even from manufacturer to manufacturer the main ingredients of blood, fat and rusk are generally safe for most dogs to eat from time to time. It is important to ensure that the ingredients do not list any poisonous ingredients like onion, garlic or nutmeg which dogs should not be ingesting and which are toxic for dogs.

Also bear in mind that black pudding can sometimes be heavily seasoned with salt, black pepper and a range of other seasoning which may not be toxic for dogs but which might cause stomach sensitivity and stomach upset so it is always important to try to establish the full ingredient list of any black pudding that you plan to feed to your dog.

Can dogs eat raw black pudding?

But Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Black Pudding Raw?

As outlined above, because black pudding is essentially blood, fat and plant based rusk it should be fine for your dog to eat raw black pudding. As discussed, it is important to check the ingredients of any black pudding that you plan on using to ensure that there are no ingredients that could be toxic or irritant to your dog. If not then your dog is sure to enjoy raw black pudding as a treat.

What About Cooked Or Fried Black Pudding?

As black pudding already has a fairly high fat content if you are planning to use black pudding as a treat or reward for your dog it is usually preferable to either grill or steam it as frying will only add to the fat content.

Just like humans, dogs that consume a high fat and high calorie diet can be prone to weight gain and health problems so minimising the extra fat content of black pudding should always be the goal if you plan on feeding it to your dog.

Can my dog eat raw or cooked black pudding?

Is Black Pudding Good For Dogs And A Healthy Addition To Their Diet?

Being mainly made up of animal blood and fat one would think that black pudding would be considered a great addition to your dogs diet but there are differing views on exactly how healthy black pudding is for your dog.

Because of the high fat content and the added salt in black pudding it is advisable to feed your dog black pudding in moderation as the high salt content could cause health issues and the high fat content could lead to weight gain and additional health problems.

Is black pudding good for dogs

Can Dogs eat Black Pudding? - Conclusion

So, hopefully we have answered the question "Can dogs eat black pudding" with a definite "Yes" although with caveats. Remember, only feed black pudding to your dog as a treat and in moderation and not as part of their daily diet.

Despite containing some protein and nutrients, there are numerous reasons to avoid feeding black pudding to dogs on a regular basis. The potentially high salt content which can lead to sodium poisoning in dogs, the added seasonings, herbs, and spices may be harmful to dogs and the nutritional balance of black pudding is not appropriate for your dog's daily dietary needs.



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