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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? We Look At Whether Your Dog Should Be Munching On This Summer Fruit

Updated: Oct 25

Can dogs eat strawberries? The answer is yes but read on for full information regarding whether dogs should eat strawberries. Nothing says summer more than a bowl full of fresh strawberries and cream but despite them being a tasty and refreshing treat for us, are strawberries safe for your dog and should they ever eat them? We take a look at whether dogs can and should eat strawberries and find out if they are as good for your dog as they are for us!

Can dogs eat strawberries?
Can dogs eat strawberries?

Table Of Contents

Our guide to whether your dog can safely eat strawberries

1. Can dogs eat strawberries?

2. Are strawberries safe for dogs to eat?

3. Can strawberries be toxic for dogs?

4. Do dogs even like strawberries

5. Health benefits of strawberries

6. Nutritional benefits of strawberries for dogs

7. Can dogs eat strawberry cake? 8. Can dogs eat the strawberry stalks?


✅ Strawberries are generally safe for dogs

✅ Should be OK in moderation

✅ A healthy treat for your dog

✅ Fresh strawberries are packed with nutrients

✅ Contain malic acid which can whiten teeth


❌ Should be fed as a treat and in moderation

❌ Strawberries in syrup are high in calories

❌ Processed strawberries could contain xylitol

So, can dogs eat strawberries?

Generally, yes, dogs can eat strawberries as a fresh and healthy snack every now and again. As well as making a great treat for your dog, strawberries are also incredibly healthy and are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can keep your dog fit and healthy. High in fiber and vitamin C they are not only a tasty treat for your dog but they also offer health benefits too.

🍓 Fresh strawberries for dogs

Fresh strawberries are one of the summer's finest treats and are great for us and our dogs. Tasty, sweet and packed full of vitamin C and other nutrients, fresh strawberries are a great summertime treat for your dog.

🍓 Preserved strawberries for dogs

Strawberries can be preserved in a number of ways including in syrup, by being dried and in conserves and jams but, unlike fresh strawberries preserving takes away a lot of the nutrients and adds things like sugars, preservatives and other additives which are not healthy for your dog. Because of this it is advisable to avoid feeding your dog preserved strawberries. 🍓 Strawberry cakes, pies & tarts for dogs

Cakes, pies and tarts despite being tasty food especially when packed full of strawberries are unfortunately not a great food for your dog. The pastry and sponge in strawberry pies and tarts can be high in fat and calories and so aren't ideal foods for your dog.

🍓 Strawberry jam and dogs

Strawberry jam on toast is one of lifes little pleasures but is strawberry jam a good food for your dog? Like preserved strawberries jam can contain lots of additives and sugar which unfortunately makes it unsuitable as a regular treat for your dog.

🍓 Strawberry yoghurt and dogs

Strawberry yoghurt is a tasty desert made from milk and strawberries but is it safe and suitable for dogs? As we know, fresh strawberries are good for dogs and for most animals milk and yoghurt should also be fine. Care must be taken that there are no added preservatives or sweeteners added to the yoghurt and care must also be taken in case your dog has any lactose intolerance's.

Can dogs safely eat strawberries

Are strawberries safe for dogs to eat?

As discussed above, when fed in moderation and as part of a healthy and balanced diet strawberries should be fine for most dogs but, just like any food it is important to introduce strawberries slowly into your dogs diet. Because of the high fiber content in strawberries you may find that your dog may experience more regular toilet trips when you first feed them strawberries but this should soon settle down.

In general strawberries are well tolerated and safe for dogs to eat in moderation.

Can strawberries be toxic for dogs?

Strawberries are generally non toxic for most dogs in their fresh form and are usually well tolerated. Preserved strawberries on the other hand can contain the sweetener xylitol which can be toxic to dogs even in small doses.

Do dogs like strawberries?

Most dogs will be happy to eat the odd strawberry every now and again as a treat but not many dogs will eat a whole punnet full.

Health benefits of strawberries for dogs

Just as in humans, the right amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your dogs diet can have a range of beneficial effects including weight control, strengthening the immune system, slowing the aging process and even whitening your dogs teeth due to the malic acid contained in strawberries!

Being low in calories and a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, strawberries van make a welcome addition to your dogs diet during the summer months.

Nutritional benefits of strawberries for dogs

Nutritional benefits of strawberries

Strawberries are a summer powerhouse of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and, when fed in moderation can help with a dogs well balanced diet.

The average strawberry contains the following nutrients that are available to your dog:

🍓 Calories: 8

🍓 Fat: 0.1g

🍓 Sodium: 0.25mg

🍓 Carbohydrates: 2g

🍓 Fiber: 0.5g

🍓 Sugars: 1.3g

🍓 Protein: 0.2g

🍓 Vitamin C: 15mg

🍓 Potassium: 38mg

🍓 Magnesium: 3.5mg

Can dogs eat strawberry stalks?

Can dogs eat strawberry cake or tart?

Whilst strawberries can be a low fat summer treat for your dog it is advisable not to feed your dog any form of strawberry cake or strawberry tart as although the strawberries are fine (as long as they are not in syrup), the other ingredients usually found in strawberry cakes and tarts could cause health issues in some dogs.

The fat and more importantly the flour used to create strawberry cakes and tarts is high in calories and fats and the gluten in flour could cause stomach upset if your dog happens to be gluten intolerant.

As already discussed, while fresh strawberries are fine in moderation, strawberry cakes, tarts and pies should be avoided if possible to help keep your dog trim, fit and the correct weight.

Can dogs eat strawberry stalks?

Whilst strawberries are fine for your dog it is not advisable to feed them strawberry stalks or leaves. Unlike the strawberries themselves both the stalks and leaves contain fiber that is very hard for your dog to digest and could lead to stomach problems. Because of this it is advisable to avoid feeding your dog the stalks.

Can dogs eat strawberries conclusion


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