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Tuggs Dog Food Review. Inside the Insect Based Dog Food Revolution

Updated: Mar 20

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In the ever changing world of dog food and dog nutrition, Tuggs has emerged as a breath of fresh air, putting a new slant on what it means to feed our dogs. This pioneering brand has taken a bold leap, introducing one of the UK's first fresh, insect based dog food delivery services, tailored specifically for each dogs nutritional needs. Tuggs dog food stands out in the competitive dog food market with its commitment to using 100% fresh ingredients, high quality meats and vegetables, combined innovatively with the addition of sustainable insect protein. This unique blend is not only nutritious but also environmentally aware, significantly reducing the carbon 'pawprint' of our beloved pets​​​​. Read on to find out all about the Tuggs insect based fresh food revolution.

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Tuggs insect based dog food review

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Tuggs Dog Food Review


 High quality ingredients

 Freshly prepared

 Insect, meat & vegetable combo

 High protein content

 Eco friendly & sustainable

 Packaging is recyclable

 Regular deliveries mean less storage


 Currently only four recipes available

 Freezer space required

Introducing Tuggs Fresh Insect Based Dog Food

Tuggs fresh dog food, a relatively new player in the pet food market, has made waves since its launch in 2022 by combining insect protein, meat, and vegetables into a mouth-watering, healthy, and sustainable range of dog food delivered directly to your door. Tuggs' selection of recipes is not only flavorsome and packed with high-quality ingredients and proteins, but they are also sure to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

Tuggs scores an excellent 90% rating on, and all their recipes are packed full of protein and vegetables and are free of grains, fillers, and other additives—apart from the insects!

Tuggs insect based dog food

Produced in Italy using high-quality, human-grade meat and vegetables, along with protein-rich and sustainable Black Soldier Fly larvae, Tuggs offers fresh and nutritionally complete dog food that is expertly prepared and incredibly convenient, thanks to their bespoke feeding plans and home delivery service.

In this review, we take a look at the Tuggs story, the science behind insects in dog food, the range of recipes offered, and most importantly, the Tuggs taste test! Read on to discover the insect-based food revolution behind the Tuggs brand.

The Story Behind Tuggs

Harry Bremner - Tuggs dog food founder
Harry Bremner, the Tuggs founder and insect aficionado!

Founded by Harry Bremner in 2022, the Tuggs concept came to him while he was studying for his master's degree and conducting research on the UK dog food industry. He soon came to the worrying realization that pet food production contributed significantly to the carbon emissions associated with livestock production globally. Upon further investigation into the dog food market, he began to uncover exactly how unhealthy some of the commercial dog foods in production actually were for dogs. It was at this point that Harry began to formulate the idea that would turn into the Tuggs brand, which is revolutionizing the dog food market today.

During his research into how to best formulate a nutritious, well-balanced, and at the same time, sustainable range of dog foods, Harry discovered that certain insects provided high-quality protein, were incredibly sustainable, and were very palatable when included in quality dog food. Thus began the quest to incorporate insects into his new dog food idea.

What Makes Tuggs Stand Out in The World Of Dog Food?

So, what are the unique selling points of the Tuggs brand? In four words: fresh food with insects! Or, if we’re being pedantic, seven words - fresh food with Black Soldier Fly Larvae! Unlike the majority of insect-based pet foods currently on the market, Tuggs is a fresh, wet food that incorporates insects rather than dry kibble. This can be more appetizing for most dogs, especially those that struggle with dry food.

Tuggs insect based dog food

Alongside the quality meats and vegetables used in their recipes, Tuggs includes between 10-20% Black Soldier Fly larvae in its range of dog food to provide high-quality protein, amino acids, and to hopefully start a trend towards nutritious and sustainable pet food that is good for the planet.

By mixing insect protein with meats and vegetables, Tuggs provides a great introduction for owners wishing to sample the benefits of insect-based dog food without opting for a 100% insect-based food straight away.

But are insects safe and healthy to include in dog food? In a word, yes! The Black Soldier Fly larvae included in the Tuggs recipes have been extensively researched and found to be not only a powerhouse of protein and nutrients but also highly palatable and easily digested. With a readily available protein content of around 50% that has been found to be comparable to beef, they are easily digested and assimilated. The larvae are also packed with a potent antimicrobial, medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid, which can help to improve gut health.

To emphasize Tuggs' push towards a more sustainable pet food market, insects have been found to use 95% less land than beef farming, 94% less water, and have a carbon footprint that is a mere 4% of that of beef for the same amount of protein achieved, which are some truly mind-blowing figures.

Did You Know? An amazing fact about the protein content of insects for dog food is that insects can provide up to twice the amount of protein per 100g compared to traditional protein sources like meat and fish. This makes insect-based dog food not only a highly sustainable source of protein but also an efficient one in terms of the nutrient density it offers. In addition to their high protein content, insects are hypoallergenic and represent a rarely used protein source in dog food, which can be beneficial for pets with food sensitivities.

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Tuggs Recipe Range & Ingredients

Tuggs currently has four recipes in its range: Beef Brigade, Cod Crew, Pork Power, and Turkey Triumph.

  • Beef Brigade - Contains 40% fresh beef, 20% insects, 33% vegetables, salmon oil, kelp powder, and chia seeds.

  • Cod Crew - Contains 45% fresh cod, 20% insects, 28% vegetables, sunflower oil, kelp powder, and chia seeds.

  • Pork Power - Contains 40% fresh pork, 20% insects, 33% vegetables, salmon oil, kelp powder, and chia seeds.

  • Turkey Triumph - Contains 42% fresh turkey, 20% insects, 30% vegetables, salmon oil, kelp powder, and chia seeds.

All of its dishes are vet-approved, protein-rich, grain-free, and perfectly balanced to provide nutritionally complete meals for your pets. And don't forget, each Tuggs meal is planet-friendly and totally sustainable.

Tuggs Ordering, Delivery, Packaging & Recycling

Tuggs is a subscription-based pet food service that is delivered directly to your door and can be delivered every two, three, or four weeks, depending on your preference and storage space.

The initial setup and questionnaire regarding your dog are easy and straightforward, asking standard questions about weight, activity levels, and allergies. You then have the option to choose the recipes you would like delivered and whether you would like to feed your dog 100% Tuggs or order half portions that need mixing with half of your dog's current food. As already mentioned, Tuggs offers bi-weekly, three-weekly, and four-weekly delivery options, which is a great feature as it provides flexibility for those with limited storage.

Tuggs food is delivered to your door frozen in insulated packaging, most of which is recyclable or reusable. Each recipe is packaged individually and is the perfect size to fit into your freezer for storage. The plastic packaging is functional rather than aesthetic like some other dog food brands, but the saving on freezer space soon highlights why Tuggs has opted for this. Once put away, the boxes, ice packs, and insulation are fully recyclable, and the insulation can actually be returned to Tuggs in the delivery box it was received in, using a free returns label that Tuggs provides, which is a great idea.

Visual Aspects - Can You See The Insects!?

From delivery to serving, Tuggs food looks and smells very good, and for those readers who are wondering, no, you can't see the insects! In fact, Tuggs food looks just like any other high-quality wet dog food with no insects in sight.

As a fresh, wet food, the consistency is great; you can see the high meat and vegetable content in all the recipes, and once defrosted, the food plates up well and smells good too.

Charlie the We Walk Woofs Dog Taste Test

Thankfully, our dog Charlie has never been a fussy eater and is happy to chow down on most things placed in front of him.

This was the first wet dog food that included insect protein he had tried, and so we were curious as to how he would react to the insect portion of his meal. But, as you can see from the pictures, once the food was plated up, he took a very keen interest in it and devoured the lot, seemingly without taking a breath.

Cod Crew was the first recipe we tried with Charlie, and it got the thumbs up, as did all the recipes we tried him with over the following days. All in all, a definite paws up from Charles, and if pushed, we would say Cod Crew was his favorite.

Tuggs dog food taste test

Tuggs Dog Food - The Human Taste Test Time!

As a child, I remember being intrigued about what KiteKat dried cat food tasted like. So, one morning, I poured myself a handful and took the plunge! I vividly remember being shocked that it actually tasted quite nice. Since that day, I have sampled various brands of dog and cat food, much to the horror of some people over the years.

With the high standard of pet food available these days, it seems a little less daunting to have a nibble of what Charlie is eating. And with Tuggs, again, it actually tastes very good! The thought of the insect content probably initially troubled me a bit more than it did Charlie, but they are indistinguishable from the meat content. All in all, the Tuggs food is actually very palatable and tasty, which highlights the quality of the ingredients used.

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Tuggs Feeding Guidelines

Like most other dog foods, Tuggs feeding guidelines are based on breed, weight, age, and activity levels, with the initial questionnaire taking all of these details into account when placing your first order. On arrival, your Tuggs delivery provides pre-weighed portions that give the exact amount of food and calories your dog requires for each meal, making feeding easy and hassle-free.

Depending on whether you have ordered the 100% or 50% Tuggs feeding package, it dictates whether you will need to add additional food to each meal, but the 100% option makes feeding very straightforward.

Tuggs Pricing

At the time of writing, the costs for Charlie, our ten-year-old, 21kg, very active Wheaten Terrier, were as follows:

  • 4 weeks - 28 x 700g - £93.78/£3.34 per day

  • 3 weeks - 21 x 700g - £80.04/£3.81 per day

  • 2 weeks - 14 x 700g - £59.82/£4.27 per day

Tuggs Dog Food Review - Conclusion

So, is Tuggs a winner, winner, turkey & insect dinner? We would say yes!

This innovative approach to insect-based fresh dog food hits the spot with its combination of high-quality ingredients, insect protein, taste, value, and ease of ordering & delivery. Our dog Charlie was a big fan of all the Tuggs recipes, and the inclusion of 20% insects didn't seem to affect his love of the meals.

If you are a dog owner looking to do your bit for the planet by exploring the benefits of an insect-based diet for your dog, then Tuggs is a great way to feed your animals a tasty, nutritious, and affordable range of recipes that are easy to order and easy to store.

Tuggs dog food

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