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Where Do We Walk Our Dogs Around Birmingham?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

South Birmingham is blessed with a whole host of fantastic dog walking spots. From disused railway lines, parks and historic woodland, scenic and pleasant garden estates and even secure local dog walking fields, walking dogs in south Birmingham is never a chore!

So, where exactly do we walk our dogs around Birmingham? Below is a list of just some of the top Birmingham dog walking locations where your dog will be exercised whilst in our care.

Where do we walk your dogs in Birmingham?

Harborne Dog Walking Harborne Walkway is the disused railway line that connects Summerfield park in Edgbaston with Parkhill Road and is perfect for dog walking in Harborne. It is a very popular place for Harborne dog walkers to exercise their pets and as it is mostly enclosed it is an ideal place to safely walk dogs in Harborne.

The Moorpool Estate is the well known, green and pleasant area situated right in the centre of Harborne and offers ideal on lead dog walking routes along quiet, safe and tree-lined roads.

Queens Park is a good-sized park situated on Court Oak Road in Harborne and offers ideal dog walking paths and areas for off-lead fun!

Grove Park is situated on Harborne Park Road and is ideal for dog walking offering tree-lined on lead walks as well as a large meadow area for off-lead exercise.

Edgbaston Dog Walking

Edgbaston Reservoir is one of the cities biggest bodies of water and offers safe and enclosed dog walking with stunning views over the city centre

Summerfield Park is situated at the far end of the Harborne Walkway and offers plenty of space for on and off lead walks.

Chad Square is part of the Calthorpe Estate and is situated at the bottom of Harborne Hill. Although mostly residential the area offers lots of hidden green spaces and walkways that make it ideal for on and off lead dog walks in Edgbaston.

Secure Local Dog Walking Fields

​We sometimes load up the gang and transport them to one of the many local dog walking fields scattered around Birmingham. Read about some of the more popular local dog walking fields here.

And after a long and fun walk what better way to clean and dry off the wet wet and muddy dogs than with the Mud Daddy Portable Dog Washer and the Pawdaw Of London dog drying bag and dog towels!



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