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Rabbit Ears For Dogs - Our Rabbit Ear Update 2024

Updated: Jan 2

Furry rabbit ears are one of nature's perfect dog treats and have a range of natural benefits for your dogs health. Not only are rabbit ears for dogs an excellent source of fibre for your dog’s diet, they can also assist with flushing out your dog’s digestive system helping to remove worms and parasite eggs. Rabbit ears for dogs can also help dogs that suffer from acid reflux by helping to settle their stomach. Hairy rabbit ears can be a fantastic addition to your dogs varied diet.

Rabbit Ears For Dogs

Despite being a rather unusual dog treat, rabbit ears for dogs usually come in one of two forms, with fur and without fur, but which rabbit ear is better for your dog? Besides being entirely safe for most dogs to consume, they are non greasy and non odour which means that they won't smell or make a mess which is music to all dog owners ears! But what are are the benefits of rabbit ears with and without fur? Let’s take a look...

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Our guide to Rabbit Ears for dogs


✅ A great source of protein

✅ Mostly hypoallergenic

✅ Helps to clean teeth

✅ No bone so safe for stomach

✅ Fur can act as a natural de-wormer

✅ Helps to clean dog's digestive tract


❌ Can be tough for some dogs

❌ Too much fur could cause obstruction

❌ Some can contain additives

❌ Some dogs may be sensitive to them (unusual)

What Are Rabbit Ears For Dogs?

What are rabbit ears for dogs?

Rabbit ears for dogs are by products of the rabbit meat industry where rabbits are bred for their meat for human and animal consumption. Most of the rabbit ears for dogs that are sold here in the UK are mainly sourced from across Europe, but it must be remembered that China is the world's largest producer of rabbit meat, so it is always advisable to check the packets of any rabbit ears that you purchase to assess where the rabbit ears have been produced as from an animal welfare perspective European rabbit farming standards can be far more animal friendly than rabbit ears produced elsewhere.

Once harvested from the rabbit, the ears can be either air-dried or freeze-dried to enhance their shelf life and viability and can be produced with or without the fur being left in place. Both methods create rabbit ears for dogs that have an extended shelf life meaning that they can be safely stored for many months. Air dried rabbit ears for dogs ears can safely be stored in a dark, airtight container for up to 18 months, whereas freeze dried rabbit ears for dogs can only be stored for around 30 days once the packaging is opened.

Are Rabbit Ears Good For Dogs?

Rabbit ears are generally highly nutritious for dogs, but their nutritional values can vary considerably between products. Despite this, all rabbit ears for dogs are generally high in protein and low in fat which is excellent for maintaining healthy muscles, hair and skin, as well as many other bodily functions.

The Benefits of Rabbit Ears for Dogs

Rabbit ears for dogs have a range of health benefits for dogs and can help with nutrition, dental health, digestion and mental wellness. Here are some of the leading benefit:

🐇 Rabbit Ears Are A Natural Dewormer

Although it may sound strange and a bit like magic, rabbit ears for dogs can act as a 100% natural dewormer. as the rabbit fur creates actually brushes the intestine helping to clean out worms and parasite eggs that could be hiding in your dog’s digestive tract.

🐇 Rabbit Ears Improved Digestion

The rabbit fur found on rabbit ears can clean your dog’s digestive system by scraping away any food residue that has become trapped in your dog’s gut and which can health problems and discomfort if left to build up. By flushing the stomach and intestines, your dog will be able to absorb and assimilate more vitamins and minerals from their diet.

🐇 Rabbit Ears Help to Clean Teeth

Because of the fur and chewiness of rabbits ears for dogs, when they are chewed they can help to clean your dog's teeth and help to remove plaque. The fur in rabbits ears can clean between teeth acting like a naturally occurring dental floss.

🐇 Rabbit Ears Are Hypoallergenic

Rabbit ears for dogs are that is known as a ‘novel’ protein (which is a protein that is not commonly seen in dog treats) so they are far less likely to cause allergic reactions in dogs that are prone to allergies.

🐇 Rabbit Ears Can Help To Decrease Anxiety By Providing Stimulation

As rabbit ears for dogs are naturally chewy and as chewing has been scientifically proven to relieve stress in dogs, as your dog chews on the rabbit ear, their body will release endorphins which can calm and relax your dog. Because of this, giving your dog rabbits ears to chew on celebration nights like bonfire night or New Year’s Eve can help them to stay calm especially if they are scared of loud noises and fireworks.

🐇 Rabbit Ears Are Suitable for Puppies

Rabbit ears for dogs are also a great treat for puppies older than 12 weeks. Chewing on rabbits ears will help them with teething and can help to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in puppies.

Rabbit Ears For Dogs - Fur On Or Off?

Rabbit ears for dogs - fur on or off

If we are being honest, a dried hairy rabbit ear with fur doesn't look the most appetising of dog treats and this can put a lot of dog owners off feeding them to their dogs. Although they can look off putting, the benefits of feeding hairy rabbit ears to your dog a couple of times per week can have some fantastic long term health benefits for your animals.

Although rabbit ears are available without fur, the benefits of furry rabbit ear for dogs outweigh the shock factor as they are excellent additions to your dogs standard diet. The fur covering the dried rabbit ears is actually classed as a source of beneficial fibre for your dog, and, just as in humans, fibre in the diet is beneficial for digestive health. Some of the benefits of your dog ingesting rabbit fur include:

1) As your dog is unable to digest rabbit fur, it remains undigested as it travels through the digestive tract and in effect brushes its way through helping to clear away undigested food residue, worms, parasite eggs and other undesirable contents. This build-up of impacted food residue in your dog's intestines can cause a slow gut transit time.

🐇 As the fur cleans your dog's digestive tract your animal will be more able to absorb nutrients from their food. A clean and efficient digestive system means more nutrients absorbed.

🐇 The scouring action of the fur passing through the intestines acts as a natural and powerful dewormer by brushing away worms and eggs that may be residing in your dog's digestive system. For best results, it is advisable to feed your dog hairy rabbit ears regularly up to two to three ears per week as this can help avoid the need to give you your dog prescription or over the counter worming tablets.

🐇 The fur on rabbit ears also acts as a natural toothbrush and helps in cleaning your dog's teeth as when eaten it helps to dislodge surface plaque off the teeth and gums and naturally flosses between your dog's teeth.

🐇 The fur on rabbits ears, as it is an indigestible fibre, helps to firm up your dog's stools too. This helps to naturally naturally express your dog's anal glands as the firm stools press on the glands on exit helping to keep them clean.

Trusty Pet Supplies Rabbit Ears For Dogs

Trusty pet supplies rabbit ears for dogs

Trusty Pet Supplies furry rabbit ears provide your dog with an excellent natural source of protein & fibre and can help clean out any worms or parasites in your dog’s digestive system. They also help to settle upset tummys. It is thought that the fur on the rabbit ears helps to sweep through the intestinal tract to dislodge worms, eggs compacted food in the digestive system. Hairy rabbit ears are great for your dog when used as part of a natural deworming protocol.

Features: – No artificial additives – Suitable for big and small dogs – With fur for intestinal cleaning

Benefits: – Aids in cleaning teeth – Acts as natural protection against worms – Helps to clear away food residue – Hypoallergenic – Air dried

JR products rabbit ears for dogs

JR Pet Supplies furry rabbit ears are made from 100% pure rabbit ear and nothing else. Their rabbit ears are air-dried with no additional additives or preservatives, just plain and simple natural rabbit ears! High in protein, low in odour and hypoallergenic, JR Pet Supplies tasty and healthy rabbit ears are a great alternative chew for dogs who may have allergies or or are sensitive to other types of ears. Being lighter and more delicate than other animal ears, these make a great introductory chew for dogs that haven't had ears before.

100% Grain and Gluten free

100% Hypoallergenic

High in Protein

High in Collagen for glowing coats and skin

Contain natural glucosamine and chondroitin

Responsibly sourced

Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks

Natural dental chew cleans teeth and gums

Longer lasting = endorphins for good mental health

No additives or preservatives

Healthy and nutritious

Great for all breeds & sizes

Acts as a natural wormer

Alternatives To Rabbits Ears For Dogs

If you struggle feeding your dog rabbit ears because you are constantly thinking about Watership Down or Bugs Bunny, fear not as there are alternatives although some of these may make you think of other cute and famous animals too !

  • Antlers: These are another form of natural treat for your dog and they are long lasting and great for keeping your dog occupied. Usually available as deer antlers or elk antlers, they can last months, and unlike bones they usually do not splinter or break. Just like rabbit ears for dogs, the chewing action on deer or elk antlers helps your dog to deal with any anxiety that they may have as well as helping to clean their teeth and gums.

  • Chicken feet: Although chicken feet can contain bones, they are usually very small and tend not to splinter. They are excellent sources of both glucosamine and chondroitin which can support joint health and also contain collagen.

  • Other animal ears: If rabbit ears are too cute there are other alternatives including cow, lamb, goat and pig ears and all are fantastic alternatives as just like rabbit ears they are mostly cartridge, making them ideal dental chews even younger dogs and puppies.

  • Pizzles: Although fantastic for dogs some owners may struggle with feeding these to their dogs more than rabbit ears. If you don't know what they are you need to Google them !

Rabbit Ears For Dogs. The perfect Natural Treat? - Conclusion

In conclusion, rabbit ears for dogs can offer a range of benefits for your animals, making them not only a delicious treat but also a valuable addition to a balanced diet and your dog's overall well being. With their plentiful supply of essential nutrients, the dental hygiene advantages that they provide, the ant anxiety satisfaction that chewing them provides and the intestinal benefits of the fur, rabbit ears can have a positive effect on your dog's physical and mental wellbeing.

As with all treats, moderation is the key to ensuring that your dog receives the maximum benefits without any adverse effects. By incorporating rabbit ears into a balanced diet and a responsible treat giving routine, dog owners can ensure that their dogs are well fed and mentally stimulated.



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