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Dog Advent Calendar - Some Of The Best Advent Calendars For 2024

Updated: Jan 2

As the Christmas holidays approach, it's not just us adults and children who get to enjoy the festive countdown to Christmas. Our dogs can now join in on the excitement with their very own dog advent calendars, counting down the days until Christmas! Gone are the days when our dogs were thrown a scrap of turkey on the big day, as today there's a paw-some selection of dog-specific advent calendars available that offer daily surprises and treats for your dog, making December a tail-wagging month for your pets! In this blog post, we'll explore the world of dog advent calendars, from their origin and the types available to tips on choosing the perfect one for your pup. Get ready to make this holiday season extra special for your canine companion as we take a look at the festive world of doggy advent calendars!

Dog advent calendar

Table Of Contents

7. Denzel's Christmas Dog Advent Calendar

8. Pets At Home Giant Dog Advent Calendar

9. Woof Club Giant Advent Calendar For Dogs

10. Fortnum & Mason Doggy Advent Calendar

What Are Dog Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars have always been a popular holiday tradition that originated as a way build excitement by counting down the days leading up to Christmas, which is typically celebrated on December 25th. Whilst us humans have traditionally been able to experience the fun of the Christmas countdown, our dog's have missed out on the festive fun!

Advent calendars usually consist of a rectangular or square-shaped panel with numbered doors or window, with each door being marked with a specific date, starting from December 1st and leading up to December 24th. The tradition involves opening one door or window each day during December to reveal a hidden surprise, which can vary depending on the calendar's theme. Thankfully, some smart pet owner realised that their canine companion was missing out on the Xmas extravaganza and invented dog advent calendars!

Dog advent calendars, instead of containing chocolate or sweets instead contain dog gifts and treats that are exciting and safe for your dog nd enable it to join in with the Christmas advent calendar tradition.

Who Makes The Best Dog Advent Calendars?

These days there are lots of dog advent calendars available form a range of pet related suppliers including Lily's Kitchen dog advent calendars, the Pets At Home range of advent calendars for dogs, advent calendars from Scrumbles and Pooch & Mutt and even a high end dog advent calendar from Fortnum & Mason! Which one is the best is a matter of personal choice for you and your dog but we have rounded up some of the best dog advent calendars for Christmas 2024.

​🎄 Our Roundup of Some Of The Best Advent Calendars For Dogs 🎄

Lily's Kitchen Dog Advent Calendar

Lily's kitchen dog advent calendar

Christmas means quality & cherished moments with family members, and that includes our beloved dogs which is why Lily's Kitchen has put together this fantastic advent calendar designed with your doggy companion in mind. Now, your four-legged friend can be involved in all the festive merriment with their very own doggy advent calendar. Your lucky dog can enjoy daily treats during the festive run up to Christmas, with a selection of three tasty meat-based advent calendar goodies created with the tastiest ingredients.

The dog advent calendar is packed full of tasty treats including turkey and cranberry bites made with real meat and natural ingredients in a grain-free recipe, chicken and quinoa treats made with freshly prepared chicken with a sprinkling of quinoa and chicken and beef training treats, a recipe made up of freshly prepared chicken and beef with a side of butternut squash and turmeric. Christmas just got tastier with this fantastic doggy advent calendar from Lily's Kitchen.


Pets At Home Doggy Advent Calendar

Pets at home advent calendar for dogs

With this Pets At Home "All I Want Is" advent calendar for dogs, the whole family can now enjoy the run-up to the big day, with an advent calendar designed especially for your dog, bursting with tasty treats and snacks to ensure that your dog enjoys the build up to Christmas.

With one big treat a day behind each of the twenty four doors, being snappable they can be broken down to the perfect size for your dog before feeding them them and can also be spread throughout the day, for anytime they've been very good ensuring that your dog's December is one to remember!

All treats are snappable meaning that they can be broken into suitable pieces dependent on your dog's size and are filled with dog-safe carob treats. There will be a creamy dog safe carob treats behind every door in the run up to Christmas and there are no added artificial flavours or colours so that you will always know exactly what your dog is eating during the festive fun.


Scrumbles Advent Calendar For Dogs

Scrumbles advent calendar for dogs

Fill your dog's festive season with excitement with the Scrumbles dog advent calendar which features three different treats that are not only lip-lickingly yummy, but also come with added prebiotics to keep your furry friend's tummy feeling fine and festive all Christmas long! Woof!

So, what's inside the tasty Scrumbles advent calendar for puppies and dogs? Behind each of the 24 windows, you'll find two to three different gluten free dog treats with functional benefits like calming, dental & tasty including the following:

Gnashers: Dog Dental Sticks Baked to a crunch, our Gnasher doggy dental sticks are a bestseller all year round. With active ingredients to help fight plaque and being naturally plant based so low in fat, these doggy dental sticks will keep help keep your dog's gnashers gleaming and their breath as fresh as a daisy .

Chicken Nibbles Our doggy advent calendar chicken nibbles are made with natural ingredients and no added sugars or salts, meaning that our festive meaty bites are naturally delicious. Made with tasty chicken for an irresistible festive treat.

Nibbles Calming Dog Treats Christmas can be a stressful time for our pooch's, especially if you're hosting! Our calming dog treats are carefully designed with turkey, chamomile, and lemon balm for a stress-free howlidays.

Suitable for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks old but warning – keep out of reach to avoid your pup demolishing more than one window a day!!


Pooch & Mutt Cheese Fondue Advent Calendar

Pooch & Mutt cheese fondue dog advent calendar

Don't give your canine companions advent calendar envy this Christmas, instead buy them their own luxury countdown to Christmas with the Pooch & Mutt Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats Advent Calendar with a full month of melt-in-the-mouth cheese fondue flavour, in the form of festive meaty treats for each one of the twenty four days leading up to Christmas day. Pooches and humans will be dashing through the snow to get the Pooch & Mutt festive fondue! Thoughts of gooey, cheesy fondue bubbling away, creating festive treats to make your dog's December one to remember .The cheesiest, festive taste to ever meet your dogs mouth!

There is no need to worry about how they'll react to the fondue lodge doors opening with such meaty and tasty surprises hiding behind each and every day. The festive cheddar cheese in these daily meaty snacks is "udderly" irresistible to dogs, while providing an excellent source of calcium to promote healthy teeth and bones over the festive period. The treats also contain festive turkey which is a welcome source of protein, collagen for essential formation and maintenance of healthy skin, and probiotics to aid healthy digestion over the festive period.


Pets At Home Meaty Treat Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas is on so what better way to tick off the days than with the Pets At Home Meaty Treats Advent Calendar? Keep your dog happy and in the festive spirit from December the 1st all the way through to Christmas Eve with their very own doggy advent calendar bursting with meaty, flavoursome festive treats that will keep any dog happy in the run up to the big day. Bring your dog into the festive build up with a daile advent calendar treat to make their day!

There's a hearty and meaty treat behind every one of the twenty four doors, and they're all breakable (the treats, not the doors!) so you can spread the treats throughout the day. Made with 70% chicken breast and with no added artificial flavours or colours you know exactly what your dog is eating all the way through to Christmas Eve! Great tasting meaty festive treats for your dog with no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


JR Pets Premium Doggy Advent Calendar

Treat your dog to a fun and tasty countdown to Christmas with one of the JR Products 100% pure meat advent calendars. The JR Products blue edition doggy advent calendar is hypoallergenic and made from 100% lean ostrich meat. The calendar includes their pure ostrich meat training treats for days 1 to 24 and a whole pack of ostrich sticks to celebrate the perfect Christmas Day, all wrapped up in their 100% recyclable Christmas calendar outer.

The delicious pure ostrich training treats and sticks are made from 100% prime ostrich meat with no additives, preservatives, nothing! They are grain and gluten free and are suitable for all dogs, no matter their breed or size. These Christmas treats are hypoallergenic too, so great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Highly palatable and easily digestible these advent calendar treats can be used for reward, training treats or for use with enrichment toys. Plus, being a part of our JR Products award winning pure range, the training treats and sticks inside the doggy advent calendar are suitable for puppies from 4 weeks old.




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